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It’s been over 30 years, but yes, Coming To America has produced a sequel after a long time. Initially, the film, which was directed by John Landis, starred Eddie Murphy, who also wrote the film’s story. The film is commercially successful enough to be a great old classic to watch whenever you like. Now, a new sequel titled, “Coming 2 America” ​​is coming and directed by Craig Brewer. The screenplay assignment was formally handled by Kenya Barris, Barry W. Blaustein, and David Sheffield. The new film is ready for release with Eddie Murphy back. So, the question remains what will happen after a 30-year gap.

Coming to 2 America, which was originally planned for a theatrical release will now release Amazon Prime Video March 5, 2021. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Paramount sold distribution rights to Amazon Prime. So anyway, here we’re detailing what Coming 2 America Starring Eddie Murphy will become.

So, the official premise of Coming 2 America states that the film will serve as a sequel to the original film. It will be set after the original event. It will follow Prince Akeem Joffer on his journey to become king of Zamunda. While everything is being revealed, she discovers that she has a son in America. A son named Lavelle lives in Queens. Out of respect for their royal father’s wishes, Akeem and Semmi decided to leave for America once again. So that they can crown their son the Prince.

Coming 2 America – What Would It Be About

So, the newest trailer for Coming 2 America gives us a glimpse into a movie. It opened up with Akeem and Semmi returning to America looking for their son at the barbershop. The trailer follows up with them searching the streets of New York City until they finally run into him. The next scene clearly shows us the culture of Zamunda, the land where Akeem is the King. This means that more than America, this film will focus on Zamunda and his culture.

Coming 2 America - What's the Sequel About?

Still From Coming 2 America Trailer

Initially, like in every film, we see Lavelle, Akeem’s son refusing to show up until the handouts come in. Even Lavelle’s mother agreed to take him in. Yes, there are some references to Mufasa and Wakanda too. Next, we are taken to the Zamunda royal palace and all the culture of the country. We saw the family gathering of Akeem, Lavelle and his family.

As the family dinner continues, we finally see the main conflict playing out in the film. We realized that Meeka, Akeem’s daughter, wanted to be his heir. The reason is the law that a place follows where a woman is not allowed to be an heir. Assuming in the next scene we see Akeem and his wife fighting because of Meeka thus throwing Akeem out of his own room. While we witnessed Meeka’s absolute skill, we also met General Izzi, the film’s antagonist. He tried to take over Zamunda by bringing down Akeem. We see some awkward sequences with the meeting of two mortal enemies.

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Coming 2 America - What's the Sequel About?

Still From Coming 2 America Trailer

Overall, Coming 2 America is a bit of a stark contrast to the original film. For example, there is a great focus on Zamunda and its culture. So, it looks like it’s a good light comedy tale to watch lazy weekends. We are ready to see the next generation of the Zamunda Kingdom. Also, we will definitely take a look at the fearless story of Akeem’s daughter Meeka as she wants to be the next heir to the throne. Plus, there are enemies looking for empires too. So who will be Akeem’s heir, will Meeka fulfill his dreams, and what threat does General Izzey bring? All in the upcoming Coming 2 America on Amazon Prime Video. You can check out the new trailer for Coming 2 America below.


Directed by Craig Brewer, Coming 2 America features an ensemble cast. Some of the faces that are recognizable from the original film and some are newer. Eddie Murphy returns as King Akeem Joffer and Arsenio Hall returns as Semmi. Jermaine Fowler joins as Lavelle with Leslie Jones as his mother, Marry Junson. Also included are Tracy Morgan as Reem Junson, KiKi Layne as Meeka Joffer, and Shari Headley as Queen Lisa Joffer. The last to join in this film is Teyana Taylor as Bopoto Izzi, Wesley Snipes as General Izzi, and James Earl Jones as King Jaffe Joffer.

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