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Get ready to get glued to your chair again because Coming 2 America is ready to pop. This new film is expected to complement the original film and give us the same sensation. Comedy films with a hint of romance and drama are never boring to anyone’s taste. Coming 2 America really stands out and a sequel is coming to Amazon Prime soon. Ever since the filmmakers announced that they will be making another chapter of the blockbuster film, fans have been looking forward to the sequel. In this article, you will find out all about the film, its release date, what we can expect from it, and other fun things.

Coming 2 America 2- Eddie Murphy is back!

Coming 2 America – Eddie Murphy is back!

This film had a tremendous reputation among black people and was highly valued by the community. The creators promise to take care of the essence of the file original film. Coming 2 America was re-released in late 1988 and was an immediate hit. This is a beautifully crafted love story between equals that lasts about 120 minutes. Their lives are perfectly interwoven with each other and every moment they share on screen is interesting to us. We hope the following films continue to perform well and give us more reasons to admire the franchise. Now, let’s dive straight into the next section to find out the upcoming movie release date.

Coming 2 America Release Date Revealed

The long-awaited sequel, Coming 2 America will be released on March 5, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. Its creators have confirmed that the film will hit the streaming platform next Friday. Since this news broke, fans have been looking forward to seeing Murphy back on screen. The actor sounded optimistic as well as excited about his upcoming endeavors. And, believe that the audience will like it. Well, we’ve been missing this news for a long time and now that we finally have a release date, let’s wait a little more. To find out all the things they have for us, don’t forget to watch a movie on Amazon Prime. All you need is a paid subscription account to start this sequel.

Coming 2 America 2 coming soon to Amazon Prime

Coming to 2 America to be coming soon to Amazon Prime

In a recent interview, Eddie Murphy opened up about this follow-up. As you know, his daughter Bella will also play an important role in the film. Because of this, he talked about his struggles and gave his opinion on his daughter’s debut with the film. Being a strict and careful father, Murphy wanted Bella to start his acting career after 18 years. Following his advice, Bella did the same and took acting lessons before making her debut. The proud father sounds excited about his daughter’s skills and hopes that she will gain recognition and fame from the film. Let’s see how the audience received the film this Friday!

Coming 2 America Plotline: What’s the film all about?

The storyline of this American film is quite mainstream but stunning. It revolves around a rich king named Akeem Joffer who is eagerly waiting to meet the love of his life. He wants to marry someone who loves him for his personality and character, not his wealth. Because of this, he set it on a mission to find a bride and tour with his friends to New York City. There he meets an independent and strong woman named Lisa who has all the characteristics to become his bride.

Main cast member of Coming 2 America 2

Main cast member of Coming 2 America

Like other romantic comedies, the prince tried his best to win the young woman’s heart and make her like her. He hides his status from Lisa throughout the film to find out if she likes him the way he is or not. Lisa started liking the man but was heartbroken when she found out the truth about Akeem’s identity. Because of this, she refused to marry him and left. Regretful Prince convinced her but Lisa insisted.

Listening to his parents, Akeem agreed to go to matchmaking. However, his life changed when he learned that the bride was Lisa himself. Although the plot is not very beautiful, the scenes are really interesting and very funny. And, Coming 2 America, the continuation of Eddie Murphy’s 1988 comedy film is expected to continue.

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