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Here’s everything you need to know about Clarice Season 1 Episode 5. This psychological horror series is an adaptation of Thomas Harris’s best-selling novel “The Silence of the Lambs”. Apart from that, it is also a direct sequel to the 1991 film of the same title as the novel. The series follows Clarice Starling’s life one year after the events of the film. American actress and screenwriter Jenny Lumet and Star Trek director Alex Kurtzman created this series for CBS. The series premiered on February 11, 2021 and has aired four episodes to date. Clarice Season 1 Episode 5 will air on March 11, 2021.

Following events in 1993, the series tells the personal story of Clarice after she gained fame for the Buffalo Bill case, during which she consulted Dr. Hannibal Lecter. However, this series avoids mentioning Dr. Hannibal Lecter over distribution rights issues. The series features Clarice returning to the FBI and pursuing serial killers and sexual predators. In addition, this series also explores Clarice Starling’s struggles as a woman in a male-dominated profession.

What Happens in Episode 4?

Clarice Season 1 Episode 5

The title of the episode is “You Can’t Rule Me” and aired on March 4, 2021. Chloe Domont is directing this episode which is written by Gabriel Ho and Lydia Tefera. This is everything that happened in last week’s episode.

In the previous episode, we saw Clarice Starling and the VICAP unit where she worked at Deputy Assistant Attorney General Paul Krendler being investigated for common offenses. This happened because a witness was dying on their watch.

While Anthony Herman is at the bureau investigating a suspect’s death, Murray tells Anthony not to mind it. However, because Anthony is Krendler’s rival, he slanders the latter in front of Clarice. Anthony hopes to be on Clarice’s side and tell her the bureau is proud of him and he wants her to work for him. Anthony also wants to know what he thinks of Krendler’s behavior, which could benefit him in the investigation.

Later, Clarice tells Ardelia about her conversation with Anthony. Clarice also tells her that she doesn’t know if she can trust him. However, Ardelia was annoyed by this and said that she made a compromise because she was investigating the case with Anthony.

After that, we see Clarice and Shaan investigating the boss Rebecca Sherman. Meanwhile, Krendler is sitting in his office with Anthony and they discuss an old case. They discuss how Anthony got promoted because of the case and how Krendler did the dirty work for him.

Clarice Season 1 Episode 4

Later, Clarice returns to her office and after some investigation, finds out that Dr. Felker was retracted five years ago. Clarice gets a call from Marilyn’s sister, Louanne, who asks if Marilyn is okay and why Clarice is looking for her. After Shaan and Clarice meet Louanne, the latter informs them that even though they are twins, she hasn’t spoken to her sister in years. Louanne also asked them to let them know if they had any clues about Marilyn’s whereabouts.

Tomas, Shaan and Clarice arrive armed at Marilyn’s residence and search the apartment. However, they couldn’t find it there. Besides, Clarice saw the picture on the wall, but she got suspicious because it was bent. After she took a picture from the wall, she saw a sheet of paper with all the names of the women Welling had murdered. In addition, Shaan finds another important piece of evidence, namely the chemical poison used to kill Welling. In the middle of their search, Shaan gets a call that they have to return as VICAP is about to close.

Recap Clarice Season 1 Episode 4

Later, Anthony tells Krendler how Krendler corrupted the evidence after Welling’s death. Later, Anthony gets a call and learns that Welling died of a stroke. After VICAP escaped, Murray asked Krendler if someone changed the coroner’s report. However, Krendler replies that he is not behind this but that other people are there. Clarice later learns that Marilyn booked tickets to Buenos Aires, but never flew.

After that, Clarice went to see Louanne and saw Louanne treating several patients. Clarice asks why Marilyn wants to go to Buenos Aires. However, just at that moment, the bell rings and Louanne leaves and says she needs to check the IV. Later, Clarice sees a woman lying on one of the beds and suspects it is Marilyn. The episode ends with Louanne rushing behind Clarice and stabbing her neck with a needle.

Clarice Season 1 Episode 5 Promo:

What to Expect in the Upcoming Episode?

The episode’s title is “Get Right With God” and will air at 10 pm ET / PT on CBS. Chloe Domont is directing this episode written by Tess Leibowitz.

As we see in the promo, Clarice is locked up in the hospital after being sedated by a serial killer. Her killer in the medical profession and her drugs cause Clarice to have severe hallucinations.

This episode will feature a regular cast of the series including Rebecca Breeds as Clarice Starling, Michael Cudlitz as Paul Krendler, Lucca De Oliveira as Tomas Esquivel, Kal Penn as Shaan Tripathi, Nick Sandow as Murray Clarke, Devyn Tyler as Ardelia Mapp, and Marnee Carpenter as Catherine Martin.

Apart from this regular cast, this episode will also feature several other guest stars. These include Edie Inksetter as Mandy Krendler, Natalie Brown as Marilyn Felker, Derek Moran as Clarice’s father, Raoul Bhaneja as Joe Hudlin, Maya McNair as Young Clarice, Simon Northwood as Jame Gumb / Buffalo Bill, and Natalie Dale as Abigail. These are all the cast members who will appear in episode 5.

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