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Here we are talking about Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9. Chicago Med is a Medical TV Drama that is part of the Chicago franchise by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead. Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 8 sees a lot about the relationship between parents and their children. We saw Dr. Marcel deals with Natalie’s mother after she is rushed to hospital with heart failure. Dr. Choi faces the consequences of choosing someone just because he is an old acquaintance. Surprisingly, we witness some delusions when Dr. Charles is dealing with a woman who believes her daughter is still alive. His wife decided to let her daughter live with him because his upbringing didn’t seem to be working. Lastly, Maggie learns that Auggie must be adopted so that she can live with her brother.

Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 8 Recap

Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 8 entitled “Fathers and Mothers, Daughters and Sons” is quite dense with a variety of complex storylines. Natalie’s mother was found passed out on the floor as they were about to leave for the airport. He had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. Here, Marcel suggests using an LVAD device. Will felt they had to do a clinical trial on him and for this Natalie had to explain the procedure to her mother, Carol. Nat later apologized to Marcel for his vague judgment because he had to make the best decisions for his mother’s life. If we remember, Dr. Ethan Choi rescues his old mentor in the Navy. And now he’s recruiting her to join ED. However, he immediately started looking down on Choi who was annoying April.

Dr. Charles consults the patient – NBC credit.

Elsewhere, a woman enters the ER with an unresponsive baby. When examining it, the baby is actually just a doll. DRM Charles believed that the woman had some kind of delusion. He had a partial fracture in his head from a fall maybe a year ago. To help her from delusions, Maggie tries to contact her ex, Blake. They tried and instilled the truth in him that his daughter Sarah had died. Charles learned that even after losing the case to his wife, his daughter could stay with him. Lastly, we find out about the last Maggie and how she had a baby who was given up for adoption when she was 16. And now, Auggie is the only child left that she doesn’t want to give.

Preview and Recap: Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9

Dr Ethan Choi and Dean – NBC credit

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When is Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9 Released?

Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9 titled “For the Want of a Nail” will be released on March 17, 2021. Episodes by Chicago Med release at 8 p.m. ET every Wednesday. Make sure to change the above times to your local time zone to watch the episodes as they air. You can watch episodes of the Chicago Med when they air on NBC. Or you can even stream later NBC website, CityTV, Upstream, Peacock TV, and YouTube TV. Past seasons of shows are also available for purchase Amazon Prime video.

Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9 Preview

Preview and Recap: Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9

Natalie Manning – NBC credit

Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9 titled “For the Want of a Nail” will focus on Natalie Manning. He still faces his own struggles. However, while doing so, she continues to help others, who, in this episode, happen to be a needy mother. Her strength gives her great appeal and because of that, she has become an integral part of the story. Elsewhere, we’ll see even more of Steven Weber as Dean. She will continue to cause problems with more than one doctor. It is unknown to viewers how Dean will contribute to the long-term fabric of the show. Finally, we will look at the special case of a patient who arrived in Med for immediate treatment but refused to do so by them.

Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9 will be the penultimate episode before the show goes on hiatus. The show will return later and it’s pretty clear what’s going on here. NBC has been trying to extend the season through May as the number of episodes is affected by the pandemic’s restrictions. What we can hope for is that the upcoming episodes provide some big character revelations as the story progresses.

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