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In 54 AD, in the Roman Empire, where a young slave known as Cestv joined a boxing school. On his first day, he is set in a boxing match. Strangely he was arranged with his best friend, and it was difficult for him to swallow. But he had no desire to fight his best friend. Cestvs: The Roman Fighter will be his representative next week on Wednesday.

Cestvs decided to clash with his friend even though it was difficult for him. He conquered his friend, and he was declared the winner. But his friends were killed, and it shocked the Cestvs. He wondered why a warrior had to be killed. Then he discovers that the losers must be killed, and they are fighting to win. Cestvs realized that the losers wouldn’t see tomorrow.

Cestvs: Summary of Roman Warriors

It took a long time for Cestv to accept such a fight. He thought that every time he fought, he felt like killing all of his opponents would be killed when he won. He begins to face strong opponents, and he decides to fight for his survival. When he defeated his opponent, the coronation of the Fifth Roman Emperor, Nero, was underway.

Cestvs realized that he had no choice but to keep moving forward. Before Cestv became the famous Roman warrior, he was a slave. At the age of 15, the boy was forced to fight in the coliseum. He underwent vigorous training, enduring the pain, but his hard work paid off. The Cestvs thought he was fighting to win, but the case was different.

Cestvs The Roman Fighter

Cestvs The Roman Fighter


During her bondage in the slave cell, she suffered from another slave being bitten by a fly. But Cestvs was smart and managed to keep flies away. Rocco used to take good care of Cestv and always saw him when they ate. One morning, while they were relaxing, the soldiers came and announced. They reveal that every slave will fight in the coliseum.

It surprises everyone when Cestvs and Rocco are told to fight each other. Zafar noticed that Cestv didn’t want to fight, and it was a matter of life and death. He encouraged her to participate in the fight. During the fight, the Cestvs appear easy on Rocco. The fans snapped at him because they didn’t come to see the boring fight. He gets carried away and takes a crushing blow which injures Rocco.

Rocco was embarrassed and took it seriously. The real fight began, and the two of them exchanged huge blows. Cestvs got tired of fighting his best friend and decided to end the fight. He manages to land a punch that knocks Rocco unconscious. After the fight, Rocco praised the Cestvs for their strength and speed. But the execution took place, and Rocco was executed on the orders of the owner.

The Youngest Emperor in Roman History

Cestvs The Roman Fighter

Cestvs The Roman Fighter

Owner Rocco reveals that he doesn’t care if fighters get killed as they are good fighters to replace them. He also commented that he doesn’t like staying with losers. Cestv started training hard and became a strong fighter. Zafar trains with Cestv and teaches him how to box using speed. Then Ruska met Cestv in front of the statue of Augustus and revealed that he was the first Roman Emperor.

Ruska sees the chains at Cestvs and realizes that Cestvs are slave boxers considering their size. The Cestvs comment that it was his first fight, and they tied him up so he wouldn’t try to run away. Ruska entered the battle arena, and she was demoted to be the Golden Ruska of the Emperor’s Naked Hand Fighting Corps. He clashed with Kendall of Carthage and dominated his opponent without using his fists. Kendall was beaten and fared the same as other fighters who lost the fight.

Zafar became the master of the Cestv, and it was he who guided him through all of his victories. Zafar has nothing to hide from Cestv because he knows that losers face death. He prepared it, and he became the strongest fighter who was most feared until a worthy opponent arrived. Nero is a 17-year-old who became the youngest emperor in Roman history.

Cestvs: The Roman Fighter Episode 1 Release Date and Official Trailer

Cestvs: The Roman Fighter Episode 1 will air on Thursday, April 15, 2021, 12:55 JST. You can watch Cestvs: The Roman Fighter officially online at Crunchyroll or ANIPLUS.

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