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U-1196 and his team will deal with problems in the body. The other cells wondered why he was in such a hurry. He told them that his body had not slept for two whole days. When they arrived at their target, they found a hundred Sleeping Red Blood Cells. U-1196 wonders why they sleep instead of doing their job for the body to function properly. Prior to the incident, AA visited an ordinary old cell.

He handed her the oxygen she requested and gave her a receipt. The old woman asked him what happened at the ceremony. AA revealed that he had won a Top Rookie Award. The old woman started yelling at AA, thinking that she was getting fuller because ordinary cells never won anything. He also commented that he continued to see Red Blood Cells showered with praise in his youth for his entire childhood life.

Cell at Work Code Black Episode 9 will be released on Friday, 19 February 2021, 02.30 in Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, and Funimation. Take a look at how the Red Cells will be stored below.

Cells At Work Code Black

Cells At Work Code Black

Previously on Cells at Work Code Black Episode 8

The old woman said it would take her time to acknowledge AA. Because most of the Red Blood Cells ended up losing their way due to fame. He sends AA away and delivers oxygen. But he was impressed that AA was not like other Red Blood Cells. On his way, he met AC. They are both happy to have reunited and are working together again. The air conditioner heard other cells screaming and saw carbon monoxide fumes.

Youth Power

AA and AC run to a safe place because gas can cause suffocation. AC was worried that they had just come home from work, and it kept happening. While they were still breathing, one of the old members of the Red Blood Cells faced them. He talked to them about their work and how they should look after it. He also informed them that the Red Blood Cell count was decreasing, and that young people like them should go forward.

Parents tell them that they have to show the strength of their youth because they are still active and fast. AA and AC recognize that parents are telling the truth because older people can’t keep up. They are tired, and they deliver oxygen late while delaying some important processes. Alcohol started pouring down the aisle, and the old man thought they could have some beautiful women detoxify them in the heart.

AC thinks the guy is right because he hasn’t been there in a long time. All three head to the liver region to activate vitamins and minerals. When they reached AA they couldn’t believe it wasn’t as lively as before, and the parents said many places had closed. They passed Blood Alley, Bile City, and realized that it was very remote. The place is a mess, and AA is worried that the Hepatocytes are okay.

Cells At Work Code Black

Cells At Work Code Black

AA reaches the place and finds an old man with oil drinking, and the place is all in chaos. He asks what happened to all opulences and luxuries. They both find a seat, wondering what they should do. Nobody gave them an answer because they were all drunk, and one of the women approached them. AA does not believe that it is Hepatocytes, he welcomes them. He also apologized for the messy place and explained why it was like this.

Fatty liver

Hepatocytes revealed that alcohol-induced triglyceride spikes, impaired liver function. Fatty liver begins to develop due to alcoholism, which prevents the liver from functioning normally. If left untreated, it can lead to cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer. Hepatocytes started coughing, and AA thought he might have alcoholism. He promised to take care of his health.

One of the Red Cells came and called the three to come and help because they were short on men. Two lazy bastards who were teasing AC appeared and started teasing him. They thought they were both trying to be heroes by working without rest. They also commented that they would get a book and fill it with their heroic work. AC told AA that they could just walk away and ignore them. The punk with the red mustache commented that AC was cold because they were friends.

He reminds her when they drank liquor together. AA realizes that AC might be trying to fight. He gave the two ruffians the right answer, and they left. Then the building collapsed and the two ruffians got a chance to take revenge; they refuse to save on air conditioning. Fortunately, U-1146 arrived on time and stored the Red Blood Cells along with the AC.

Cells at Work Code Black Episode 9 Preview


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