Cell at work Code Black Episode 12 Release Date, Preview and Details

AA had lost his precious friend during the battle in the belly region. Bear in mind that Cells at Code Black’s work will finish next week Thursday. AA regrets that he could not save the air conditioner. The next day AA spent the whole day sleeping, thinking that he should turn around. U-1196 is worried because he saw AA after the battle.

He wonders why she didn’t speak to him that day. Suddenly he saw some fat cells talking about the events that had happened. U-1196 noticed that fat cells became enlarged with consumption of high calorie foods and lack of exercise. This causes them to suffer from obesity. Other skinny cells decide to work hard and maintain a healthy body. The cells wonder what is going on in this body.

Cells at Work Code Black Episode 12 will be releasing on Friday, March 12, 2021, at 02.30 Crunchyroll and Funimation. The next episode update will be available on Friday. Let’s move on to the previous episode’s update and the preview below.

Previously on Cells at work Code Black Episode 11

The High-Ups reported that they had seen enemy bacteria, and they asked the White Cells to head to the site immediately. Brain cells revealed that it was an unidentified bacteria that had been detected near the base of the big toe of the left foot. U-1196 headed to the scene. He meets other White Blood Cells who will help him. They informed him that there was a common pathogen near the big toe of the left foot. Mr. Brain asks Memory to check enemy data.

Memory Cell reveals that he has no data on the enemy as it was the first pathogen they encountered. Mr. Brain orders the White Blood Cells to fight the enemy. He also told Microphanges to identify the antigen. They allied themselves with the White Blood Cells, and they began to attack the enemy.

Phagocytosis Process

Cells at Code Black work

Cells at Code Black work

U-1196 jumps and bites the enemy, carrying out the process of phagocytosis. Narattor revealed that phagocytosis is the process by which White Blood Cells and the like engulf bacteria and other foreign substances to break them down. U-1196 found that skin bacteria are too harsh for him to damage the skin. The macrophage attacks with a knife, but the blade only hits the skin of the bacteria. Mr. Brain noticed that and ordered a complete assault.

The Captain of the White Blood Cells sent a request to the crew to enter Battle Formation One. U-196 said they had deployed Battle Formation One. They started firing massive guns. AA wakes up and sees that the other cells are doing their hard work. The old woman told AA that a new strain of bacteria had attacked them. AA returns to her room, and the old woman wonders if she’s all right. Then, AA came out and headed straight into battle.

The bacteria continue to destroy the body as the White Cells fight back. On his way, he met a woman who used to chat with AC. She asks him about AC. AA became speechless, and he continued to talk about the air conditioner. He realized that he had lost his AC during the battle. The woman told AA to take care of the air conditioner, and she replied that she failed to treat it. AA left the woman, and she ran away; she wonders what it means to say she failed to maintain the air conditioner.

Uric acid

Cells at Code Black work

Cells at Code Black work

The rest of the Red Cells head into the screening room. The rejected cells are sent back because they have red pulp. They were sent back for processing, and the AA arrived. When they screened him, they found that he was healthy. AA asks High-up to process it because he thinks he’s a cell that doesn’t deserve to live. He thought that he had nothing else to do in life because he had lost his friends. The High-ups look at the AA database, and they tell him he’s young.

They ordered AA to go back to work, and they couldn’t afford to lose fresh blood like him. AA comments that he has betrayed his friend because he couldn’t save him. The higher ups informed him that this was the place where old cells were processed. They reminded AA of his purpose in life. At Brain Headquarters, they saw that the damage would only spread around the area at this speed.

The pathogens continue to attack, and Mr. Brain begins to think of new ways to fight the enemy. He had discovered that the enemy was not a pathogen; it is uric acid that does not dissolve in the bloodstream. AA arrives at the scene and says that they must replace this body. They work together and solve the gout problem. The next day everyone returned to their daily duties.

Cell at work Code Black Episode 12 Preview

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