The Upshaw Netflix: What is the Show About?

Netflix just released a trailer for The Upshaws last week that looks promising. Fans are asking when will Netflix finally release this series to the open air? Pandemic was unable to stop some series from continuing to update and release. However, one of them is called The Upshaw. This series tells a human and worldly … Read more

Money Heist Season 5 Filming Locations: Is It Done?

Money Heist received huge popularity after its release on May 2, 2017. The series originally premiered on the Spanish network Antenna 3 to November 23, 2017, but Netflix took the streaming rights and released it worldwide. The show was originally supposed to have two seasons, but after being broadcast on Netflix, the popularity graph exploded, … Read more

How To Watch Nancy Drew Season 2 Online?

Now, who hasn’t read Nancy Drew’s mystery novels? There are several novel collections. Each one brings a unique mystery and puzzle to solve. I have a large collection of books and it became my favorite in my teens. Like Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew is too much a detective-fiction creation. Edward Stratemeyer is the creator of … Read more

Top 25 Most Popular Korean Webtoons To Read

Webtoons are very popular among the school-going crowd in South Korea. Known as ‘manhwa’, webtoons are basically the South Korean version of comic books. More often than not, they are adapted as Korean dramas. Manhwas are not just for entertainment purposes though they were first created with that idea. They often are aimed at fuelling … Read more

How to Watch Yasuke Season 1 Episodes Online?

Netflix is ​​famous for its releases related to every genre and every other language, culture or tradition. So, after introducing K-dramas on a large scale, and being the original creator of several K-dramas, Netflix has now jumped into another ocean. Ocean of anime. Yes, Netflix is ​​back with another Anime series for viewers and lovers … Read more