Call Me By Your Name Sequel – Did This Happen? Or not. Luca Guadagnino Gives Update (Article ready)

Sequel to Call Me By Your Name is the dream of many movie fans 2017. However, we are sad to tell you that your fantasy will not be fulfilled. The director and mastermind behind call me by your name, Luca Guadagnino, has hinted that a sequel might not happen. Ever since the romantic movie came out, fans have been dreaming Sequel to Call Me By Your Name. But, it looks like a sequel won’t be happening anytime soon. The fans aren’t really mad because the reasons Guadagnino cited are legit. So, how long until we get the sequel? What’s more, will it happen in the future or not?

This is perhaps the saddest news for all Timothee Chalamet fans. After all, it’s Pride Month, and one of our favorite LGBTQ movie sequels has been cancelled. Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino cites his hectic work schedule and commitment to other projects as one reason why a sequel won’t happen, at least not anytime soon.

call me by your name sequel

An excerpt from Call Me By Your Name (2017)

But, that’s not the end of Elio and Oliver’s love story. The fans of the two can continue their love story. Thank God, CMBYN adapted from the novel of the same name by André Aciman. A sequel to the book called, “Find Me” was released in 2019. So you can get your hands on the book and continue your imagination.

But, first let’s get back to the sequel.

Luca Guadagnino Delivers Major Update On CMBYN Sequel

A sequel to Call Me By Your Name, which was teased by Guadagnino three years ago, has been ruled out. According to the filmmaker’s recent interactions with Deadline, it feels like the sequel has been saved.

Guadagnino is currently working on Bones & All, and to discuss his new project, he sat down to answer a few questions. Bones & All also reunited Timothee and Michael Stulbarg with the director. During the Q&A, he was asked about the CMBYN sequel. To this, he replies that his heart is still there, and that is the truth. However, right now, he didn’t have enough time.

The director said that he was working on a new cannibal film (Bones & All), and he would also be doing Scarface. He’s deep into the project lake, and Guadagnino wants to stay on the Atlantic side, at least for now. In short, he’s indirectly telling us that we won’t be taking our trip to the “Italian villa” any time soon. He is currently busy shooting his new film in Ohio.

“Bone & All” starring Chalamet as Lee,” an intense and disenfranchised drift. Also, it threw Taylor Russell (Waves) as Maren, a young woman who learns how to survive on the fringes of society. Together, the two traveled through America in the 1980s. This is a great time when social structures are more isolated, aloof, and divided.

Guadaagnino praised the young stars, saying he has been a fan of Taylor Russell since he saw Waves. And right then and there, he decided to come up with something to work on together. And for his longtime team-mate Chalamet, he defined him as “a fantastic, great player and seeing him bounce the way he is now, I feel proud of him.”

Call Me By Your Name Sequel Release Date

For now, it’s quite difficult to pinpoint a release date or even a year for the sequel. Given that Guadagnino has been busy with a lot of movies, we don’t expect a sequel to be released anytime soon. Maybe after a few years, we can see it happening. “Don’t Hold Your Peaches” this time. Instead, enjoy another world of filmmakers that is coming soon.

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Armie Hammer, Luca Guadagnino and Timothee Chalamet

Despite Guadagnino’s busy schedule, casting will be difficult at this time. Chalamet is already busy with several projects, including Bones & All. On the other hand, Armie Hammer, who plays Oliver, faces charges of sexual assault and is being questioned by the LAPD. After being accused, Hammer has been kicked out of many projects and even his talent agency.

So, Elio and Oliver’s reunion is impossible for now. But, you can enjoy the first meeting at CMBYN here.

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