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Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a police procedural drama to watch if you love suspense, action and drama. One such show is Bulletproof which presents the best sensation for us. The show was created by Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters, and they both also star in the series. The series canceled its first season on May 15, 2018 on Sky One. Bulletproof is manufactured under the banner of Vertigo Film and Company Images. In all the moments in this series, there is a lot that happens, and the plot becomes very interesting to watch.

The plot is about the life of a detective who works at the NCA. The camera follows their struggles and happiness among friends and family. The creators have even hired some of the show’s most dangerous antagonists, which include criminals as well as traffickers and drug dealers. We also have several armed robbers and serial killers.

To date, we have had three show installments with us. The third one finished airing recently on February 3, 2021 and consisted of only three episodes. This has obviously left some fans dissatisfied, but that doesn’t mean the creators didn’t pay attention to it. We’ve seen that season three proved so successful that the creators only needed to update it for the fourth season. Yes, back on January 15, 2021, Bulletproof was officially given the green light to go into season four as well.

Bulletproof Season 4

Season 4 bulletproof release date

This happened just five days before the third season could premiere. Now, you must all be curious about how many episodes we will have with us, this time making for the fourth Bulletproof outing? To our luck, officials have revealed that Bulletproof season 4 will have eight episodes. There are only three episodes in the third season of Bulletproof because of how the production went to hell due to the fatal Corona Virus. Due to this factor, the entire world was locked up, preventing the crew and cast members from continuing with their duties.

But now that everyone is fully aware of how to protect themselves from disease, the shooting can be resumed once again keeping all safety measures in mind. In addition, it has been confirmed that filming will take place for the new season later this year in London. With this, we can predict that Season 4 bulletproof release date will be around early half of 2022 or if we’re lucky enough, the the end of 2021 may also see the light of new episodes drop by.

Bulletproof Season 4 plot

As for the plot of the series, the main protagonists are Aaron Bishop and Ronnie Pike. These two characters have been together in each other’s company since they were little. Even though they come from different backgrounds and cultural values. Ronnie comes from a good family, and his parents have a history in the police department. His father worked as the Director General of the NCA (National Crime Agency). On the other hand, Bishop has lived his whole life on the streets growing up in an orphanage. Despite all this, the bonds these two characters have cannot be broken.

Later in the scene, when the story begins to develop and London has been threatened by various criminal organizations, the two join forces to fight crime. They did it in the form of detectives for the National Crime Agency based in London. As we discussed earlier, there are a lot of crimes featured in the series that make up for the entertaining parts. In America, Bulletproof releases its episode on The CW, while in Australia, on Foxtel. The show aired its episodes in Canada at the Showcase.

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