Brokeback Mountain Ending Explained: What Really Happened To Jack?


Brokeback Mountain is a 2005 American Romantic Drama depicting a time frame between 1963 and 1983. Directed by Ang Lee, Brokeback Mountain is the story of two homosexual men during a lifetime when homosexuality was not only favored but also seen as a crime. Ang Lee became attached to the project after previous attempts to do so had failed. Filming was finally confirmed when Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal landed the central roles in 2003.While the film stars Heath Ledger as Ennis Del Mar and Jake Gyllenhaal as Jack Twist, we even have Michelle Willams and Anne Hathaway playing their respective roles. wife. And even though it’s been almost 17 years since its initial release, people still question what happens at the end of the film. So, this article will discuss the end of Brokeback Mountain.

This film depicts the complex emotional and sexual relationship between two American male cowboys when they try to be together but are unable to. This love story is one that caught people off guard because what it depicts is utterly painful. There are people out there to this day who are afraid to step out of their shells and show who they really are. So films that show the ill effects of being homosexual are just painful to watch. When the film ends, people have a few questions. These questions will be answered in this article as we also gain some of the insights provided by the cast of the film.

What happened at the end of Brokeback Mountain?


That fight

Years passed in which Ennis and Jack would run into each other on fishing trips they rarely took. During this time, the two of them came to the conclusion that they would not be able to be together. This was mainly because of the fear instilled by Ennis’ father, who he remembers beating up a homosexual for catching him in action. Unfortunately the couple broke up after their fight ended with them hugging each other.

Moments later, Ennis sends a postcard to Jack who returns it with a stamp that says “Died”. She quickly called Jack Lureen’s wife, from whom she learned that Jack had died in an accident in which a car tire blew up in his face. But Ennis imagined death that was formulated from his deepest fear. She thought about how Jack could have died of hate crimes. Lureen even told Jack how her husband wanted his ashes to be scattered on Brokeback Mountain. So, Ennis went to see Jack’s parents. But his father turned down his request claiming that he would rather spread it throughout his family’s plot.

Ennis is taken to Jack’s bedroom by his mother, where he finds his bloodied shirt hanging beside Jack’s shirt. Ennis could only hold onto his shirt as he quietly cried into it. Later, when Ennis’s 19-year-old daughter got engaged. She came to him to get his blessing for the marriage that Ennis finally agreed to. As Ennis heads into the wardrobe, she sees Jack’s shirt hanging over his shirt with a Brokeback postcard taped to the top. She stared at the ensemble with teary eyes, after which she walked away saying, “Jack, I swear …”

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Brokeback Mountain Ending Explained

Brokeback Mountain Ending Explained: What really happened to Jack?

Ennis cries on Jack’s shirt.

First and foremost, this film doesn’t do justice to its audience without actually showing what happened to Jack. As much as Lureen says she was killed because a tire exploded on her face, the truth may be far from that. The film predicts an incident in which Jack can be killed. In the previous scene, we see Jack hitting a man at the bar. As the cowboy walks away to talk to his friend in the corner, several men stare at Jack with pure hatred. And anyone can imagine how things could easily escalate to Jack dying in one such situation.

Jack often tries to fulfill her desires by hanging out with men, so getting killed in one of her attempts couldn’t be further from the truth. Also, the film makes no attempt to prove Ennis’s fears wrong. So, this situation might just be true.

In a 2010 interview with the NPR “Fresh Air” Program, Anne Hathaway revealed how she herself was not aware of what was going on with Jack. In the film in which Lureen makes a phone call with Ennis, there are two takes. Where Lureen tells Ennis how she found out about her gay husband and went to hook up with them. Another one was when Lureen was just about to tell Ennis about how Jack died because a tire exploded on his face. Finally, instead of taking either take, the two were edited together. Anne herself did not know why Ang did this. But he believes that Ang Lee must have some reason for this, and that he therefore leaves her to ambiguity, making it a truly heartbreaking part of the film.

Did Lureen really know about Jack’s homosexuality?



It is enough to remember that over the years, Lureen may have found out about her husband’s sexual endeavors. This can be supported by Anne Hathaway’s interview in which she claims that she has an opinion in which Lureen claims to know about her gay husband. But this never actually appeared on the screen. Nevertheless, she told Ennis how her husband wanted his ashes to be scattered on Brokeback Mountain. From his perspective, the mountains were a place where Jack might have grown up. But in reality, it’s a kind of sanctuary for Jack to meet Ennis.

In the film, there is an instance where Lureen tells another woman how her husband never wanted to “dance” with her. The dance here connotes sex. She even went on to say that she told her husband not to “drink”. That’s how she said she even asked her husband not to commit acts of homosexuality. But not listening to him, Jack was often “drunk”. As she said this, her eyes filled with tears which meant she probably knew Jack was going to see Ennis for sexual intercourse.

Brokeback Mountain Ending Explained: What really happened to Jack?

Lureen is on the phone with Ennis about Jack’s death.

One of these events may also be the reason for Jack’s death at the hands of homophobes. Lureen had to officially tell people how he died from the tire explosion. Meanwhile, he actually died from beatings at the hands of a hate crime. And from his conversation with Ennis, we can imagine that they both knew the truth.

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What is meant by the “Jack, I swear …” scene?

Throughout her life, Ennis loved Jack, but as life went on, she even had two daughters whom she also loved. Afraid of his father, Ennis is afraid to come out as a gay man. Because of this, she could never really be with Jack. There are many instances where she could go with Jack and live happily ever after, but she chose not to. Even if he did, considering where he lived, it could be very dangerous for the lives of both of them. Because of this constant fear, Ennis refuses to make Jack her priority by creating space and time for her. He never really took it for granted; even so, she always tried to push Jack away. This can be seen from the battles they had before they separated from each other.

Brokeback Mountain Ending Explained: What really happened to Jack?

Ennis looked at Jack’s shirt.

Now Ennis’s daughter, Alma Jr., is engaged and has come to her to take blessings for the marriage. At first, she refused to come to the wedding but then she realized how she stayed away from the people she loved. So, she agreed to come to the marriage, making the choice to get out of the first relationship from now on. It can also be her way of supporting her daughter’s wishes, unlike her father. Ennis’s father only hurt him through his words and actions and only instilled fear in him. As Ennis headed into the closet, she saw Jack’s shirt and said, “Jack, I swear …”. This could be interpreted as Ennis saying that he would never again make the mistake of getting rid of his loved ones. Jack’s insistence caused her death, and she didn’t want this to happen to her daughter.

Where to watch Brokeback Mountain?

You can watch Brokeback Mountain online as the movies are available to stream Netflix and iTunes. If you don’t want to subscribe to any OTT platform, you can even rent or buy the movies on Amazon Prime video, DirecTV, Microsoft Store, Google Play, and Vudu.

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