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After Mr. Ao wa was defeated by Boruto using the missing Rasengan, Kashin Koji came and summoned the Steam Toad. The summoned caused major damage, but Mr. Ao used Water Style: Water Shockwave to save Boruto. The summoned would destroy Boruto, but Mr. Ao did a great job. She sacrifices herself to save Boruto when the Frog lands on her. Koji was impressed that Mr. Ao, the Hero of the Hidden Leaf, had saved the Hokage’s son.

He asked if Mr. Ao wanted to leave this world as a Shinobi, and he had paid for not completing his mission. Konohamuru comments that Koji is a part of Kara. Mitsuki said that he felt a strange chakra; Koji is not an ordinary person. Koji let go of the Toad and landed on the ground. He said that he was impressed that Boruto showed his great fight with Ao. Boruto is angry that Koji saw his friend being punished.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 188 will be released on Sunday, February 28, 2021, 17.30 JST. Take a look at this official website Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, and Funimation, to watch Boruto.

Previously on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 187

Konohamuuru asked Koji about Kara’s organization and what they do. Koji replies that he’s here to answer a question he’s on a mission. He released the sealing Frog Gulp Jutsu. The jutsu sealed all Team 7 members in an electric field. Koji comments that they know too much and they must die. Konohamaru managed to release the sealing Jutsu. But only she managed to break out of the seal and tell Koji that she came prepared for something like this.

Jonin Leaf


Boruto is worried that his teacher is risking his life and he can’t do anything about it. Konohamaru swore that he would protect them even if it cost him his life. Koji said it’s fine Konohamaru can show him what Leaf Jonin is capable of. Konohamaru sent his clone to attack Koji. Koji thought he was fighting the real Konohamaru, whom he sent flying. Koji was surprised to hear someone behind him unleash a powerful attack.

Konohamaru attacked with Fire Style: Fire Dragon Bomb, and Koji swapped positions with a staff. Konohamuru was surprised because he burned the stick, not Koji. Koji appeared behind Konohamaru and commented that Ninjutsu wouldn’t work on me. They keep exchanging blows, but Boruto worries that his teacher is always being sent flying. Konihamaru told Boruto not to worry about him.

Konohamaru realized that Koji’s strength was above Mister Ao’s level. He began to wonder if Kara could have more power than this. Koji asks if this is the best Leaf Jonin can do. He started showering Konohamaru with punches, but Konohamuru released the Rasengan. Koji also surprised everyone by releasing the Rasengan. They both cancel each other’s Rasengan. After the explosion, Konohamaru wondered who the man who owned this Rasengan was.


Borutocan’t believed that there were other people who could use the Rasengan who weren’t from Konoha Village. Konohamaru asks Koji who he is, and Koji says Konohamaru’s technique is good, but there is still a long way to go. Konohamarul looked down at his lap and found that Koji had planted the Frog bomb. The Frog Bomb explodes and burns Konohamaru. Koji said nothing could stop Konohamaru’s flames from burning until he died. Boruto is angry, and his Karma awakens.


He used the power of Karma and absorbed the Sealing Jutsu. He also stopped the flames that burned Konohamaru. Koji was impressed because he saw the power of Karma for the first time. This means Momoshiki has chosen Boruto. Konohamaru wakes up and asks what’s going on, and Mitsuku says the mark on Boruto’s hand has spread. Boruto looks at his hand, asks what power it is, and he faints.

Sarada approached Boruto, and Koji followed suit. He wanted to fight Koji, but he said he was stepping back for now. He also said that this is Boruto’s first time using this power. They should think of it as a gift because Boruto has shown him something interesting. Sarada asked Koji what power Boruto had just shown them. Koji left the battle without giving them an answer.

Mysterious Man

The karma in Boruto’s hands vanished, and he woke up. Konohamuru and Katatsuke buried Mr. Ao in the mountains. Konohamaru commented that he would not forgive Mr. Ao for what he had done to Mogino. But Mr. Ao died as a shinobi ever since he saved Boruto. On the way back to Konoha. Boruto finds a man lying on the ground with the defeated Puppet. When she tried to wake him up, she found that the man had the same markings, just like her.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 188 Preview

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