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Keep in mind that soon we will be saying goodbye to Black Clover. Black Clover only has two episodes left, but will return after reaching 170 episodes. Megi and Vanica argue about Lolopechika’s murder. Megicula comments that it is better to kill Heart Kindom’s wisdom by heart. Vanica said they would take Lolo to the Spade Kingdom. They pick her up, and Noelle is surprised they left with Lolo.

Vanica tells Noelle that she’s had a fight with some girls who have armor like her in the past. Noelle realizes that Vanica is referring to her mother. Vanica tells Noele that when she takes a child hostage, the girl becomes very strong. He tells Noelle to get stronger because he took Lolo away. Garo wants to have fun before they leave.

Black Clover Episode 168 Release Date

Black Clover Episode 168 will air on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, at 6:25 AM JST AnimeLab, Netflix, and Crunchyroll. Another update will be available on Tuesday after Black Clover releases its newest episode. Let’s find out more about Asta and Yami below.

Previously in Black Clover Episode 167

Vanica tells Garo that she doesn’t need him anymore. He destroyed the blood tower and started flying away. Vanica creates Curse-Repelling Magic: Life explodes in Garo’s stomach. Garo asks why she did this to him. Vanica comments that it is a cursed bomb. She reminds him of the demonic power he gave the Dark Disciples. All of the Dark Disciples he was carrying would explode. Everything exploded, and Vanica was gone.

He leaves Noelle with the message that he will be waiting for them in the Spade Kingdom. Asta stands up; he helps the Captain to take down Dante. Dante is not worried about Yami’s slash. He keeps an eye on Asta’s demon slayer sword as the anti-magic can cause massive damage.

Black Clover

Black Clover

When Asta attacks, he uses Yami to block Asta. Yami manages to cut Dante, which results quickly after realizing that Asta is approaching. He punches Asta before the anti-magic sword hits him. Yami catches Asta before he hits the ground. He realized that the key to this battle was the anti-magic sword Astra.

A deal with the devil

Yami wants Asta’s sword to hit Dante, but Dante is more careful. Asta decides that he will use up all the unknown power within him. The devil inside Asta tells him that he is the one close to him. He realizes that the devil within him wants to defeat Dante. She tells the devil that she screams to have a real heart-to-heart with him. Asta asks the devil to lend him more power, and the devil agrees.

But he tells Asta that it’s too late it won’t work as he expected. The devil tells Asta that he will exchange powers with him, and in exchange, he will accommodate Asta’s body. He tells Asta that he made a deal with a devil. The devil asks Asta if he accepted the deal. Asta says if he has to become a devil to save his friend, so be it.

The devil’s help he will give him strength. Dante releases Gravity Magic: Gravity Singularity. Asta receives power from the devil and starts attacking Dante. He landed a punch that cut into Dante’s hand. Dante is happy that he has to keep Asta busy for fifty seconds. He has noticed that Asta has fifty seconds to defeat him, and he must follow suit. The demonic power within Asta will vanish in fifty seconds.

Two Captains

Black Clover

Black Clover

Yami noticed that and decided to join the battle while the two changes exploded. He realizes that Asta needs to take a direct hit, and Dante will be defeated. Dante tries to keep his distance when the two attack him. They start destroying Dante about Finral noticing that Asta has only eight seconds left to lose his powers. Asta doesn’t realize the time remaining to lose his demonic power. Dante comments that no matter what, he will still be the winner.

Asta summons the Demon-Dweller and Demon-Destroyer swords. He kills Dante with Yami’s help, but Dante regenerates again. Only three seconds are left for Asta to land the final blow. Dante hands over his sword to Asta, who allows demonic power to flow in the Katana. With only one second remaining, Asta slashes Dante, who returns to his normal form. Dante fell on his back, and the crow fell from his head.

Asta comments that they have won. Yami goes near Dante and wants to restrain Dante. Zennon came and stabbed Yami with his bone. On the other hand, he was carrying captain William Vengeance. They try to fight Zennon, but they are all defeated. Asta tries to communicate with the devil. The devil tells him he is too weak to handle another deal. Zennon disappears with Captain Yami, and Wiliam Asta falls unconscious.

Black Clover Episode 168 Preview

If you missed previous battles, read on Black Clover Episode 167; You will find out how Asta managed to join the battle.

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