Black Clover Anime Review Episode 163 – Info

With Black Clover anime is coming to an end, the anime broadcast continues with Black Clover Episode 163. The war against the invasion of the kingdom of spades continues and promises a lot of action. In the latest episode, we saw Yami fighting Dante in an all-out fight. Meanwhile, in the Heart Kingdom, Vanica and her minions continue their invasion. Luck arrives first to stop them while Noelle and the other magic knights in Heart Kingdom prepare for a counterattack.

The anime arc currently promises many battles that we will look forward to. But we can only wonder how many of them we will see when the anime builds to the end. Yami is able to fight for the same reason as Dante, who now uses about 60% of his demonic power. So the next episode will see this fight continue, then we’ll see how far Yami can go against Dante’s gravity magic.

The Heart Kingdom is also under attack, so the next episode will likely continue from the part it left behind in Vanica’s invasion of the Heart Kingdom. Next, we will look at other magic knights like Noelle, whose growth we haven’t seen from her training. This creates a kind of inconvenience because we know that the anime will probably confuse us when it ends next month.

Black Clover Episode 164 will continue next week’s anime release schedule and take us through the next part of the Dark Triad invasion of the Heart Kingdom. The new episodes will be available to stream online on Crunchyroll and Funimation for subtitles and voiceovers episodes.

Black Clover Episode 163: Dante Vs. Yami

In last week’s episode, Dante appears looking for Yami, who he believes to be a Mysterious Stage mage. The Dark Triad gathered Mysterious Stage mages across the different kingdoms. The Captain of Vengeance of the Golden Dawn is already in their custody. He is kidnapped by Zenon, who appears with his army and defeats everyone at the golden dawn. Yami’s black bulls are the second army with him being the Mysterious Mage the Dark Triad is looking for. So Dante starts going on a rampage at their base to lure Yami, who is still in the captain’s meeting.

Black Clover Episode 163

Yami vs Dante

Looks like Yami is strong enough to take on Dante and maybe even push him to use 100% of his strength. When this happens, we will see the next level of battle in the anime, like when Yami fought Licht in the previous anime arc. With the upcoming anime ending, we can’t be sure that we’ll see this far. Important announcements will also be made when the anime ends, so we will find out more about the anime’s future soon.

The captain meeting where Yami had just come was probably focused on the impending invasion of the Dark Triad. Since Yami just came from the meeting, it looks like the meeting just ended, which means we might soon see a different captain on our way. They seemed to be discussing ways to respond to this; The magician king might have predicted the invasion and summoned the captain to a meeting.

Team Captain Moves

With the captains meeting over, we will soon see them appear in this war that has just begun. The magic knights went to training to improve themselves in war. But it’s the same for the squad captain, and we haven’t seen them so far. We know that Yami is training in a powerful magic region with Sisgoelon, and she has learned how to use mana zones. We also saw the results of his training when he caught up with Dante. The Dark Triad proved too strong for the magic knights, threatening even their lives.

So, it only made sense that the squad captain would make a move soon. The focus has temporarily shifted to the events in Heart Kingdom, where Luck tries to prevent the invasion. So everything will be going soon so we will be able to see the strongest magic knights on the front lines. For now, let’s look forward to what happens next as the end of the anime is near. More importantly, we will find out more information about future anime that ends on March 30th.

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