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Beyond Evil is an ongoing South Korean drama starring Shin Ha Kyung and Yoo Gin Goo in the lead roles. The story is about several incidents that need to be resolved. Lee Dong Shik and Han Joo Won are the two main actors of the drama. They are both brave men who are willing to go to any lengths to solve mysteries. The drama was released on February 19 and slowly peaked. Its popularity and mystery increased simultaneously. This thriller drama is now slowly coming to an end and will be airing soon.

The trailer for the drama Beyond Evil was released on February 19 and shows us a glimpse of what to expect from the drama as a whole. The trailer covers the minutes to the main details of the drama and begins with a view of the room where detective Lee Dong Shik will come out. Han Joo Won is also a detective and a senior fellow at Lee Dong Shik’s post. He was recently transferred to the Manyang Police Station. Lee Dong Shik officially introduces himself as the detective of Team One and immediately gets a witty response from Han Joo Won. He stated he was not one who liked to wipe his hands. Han Joo Won is suspicious of Lee Dong Shik because he was the only suspect in the kidnapping and murder case 20 years ago.

Meanwhile, Han Joo Won is also quite introverted and has his father in the senior rank in the same department. Han Joo Won tried hard to solve this case and gave his best. Lee Dong Shik overcame the atmosphere of mystery around him, his smile was often evil, and we don’t know who could turn into the story antagonist at any time. The trailer puts a stop to the whole sensation and mystery that will all be solved in the drama, of course.

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Beyond Evil Episode 10 Summary

Beyond evil is an ongoing South Korean drama revolving around the two main characters Han Joo Won and Lee Dong Shik. The story is a spin-off of Mystery, Sensation, Psychological and drama. Lee Dong Shik is a suspicious character. Indeed, with the expression on his face, we can feel something is wrong at any time. The case disclosure continues, and Lee Dong Shik and Han Joo Won continue their hunt.

Beyond Evil episode 10

Footage from the K-Drama Beyond Evil

The plot of the whole story relates to the lives of two powerful detectives Han Joo Won and Lee Dong Shik. Lee Dong Shik was once a capable detective and was demoted for some reason. Han Joo Won enters as his senior, and the two of them work together to stop the perpetrators of the mass murder. After a series of crimes and murders, Han Joo Won traces his case from 20 years ago, and they both vow to solve it. As the case digs deeper, pieces of evidence come one by one, concluding that no one is innocent, that is, no one can be trusted, not even themselves.

The episode starts with Han Joo Won sitting in a fancy restaurant drinking in the morning when a man comes up to him to discuss the case of Kang Jin Mook and his death suspect. In the next scene, we see a police officer looking for Yoo Jae Yi. Meanwhile, Joong Jae looks surprised by the visit to the crime scene and continues to mutter; You were here after all until Oh Ji Hwa came and told him he should have come here with Lee Dong Shik. Lee Dong Shik said that he found Yu Yeon to Nam Sang Bae, he told him to go to his sister, where he mourned after 21 years of waiting he never imagined to find his sister’s body half decomposed, where he wouldn’t even be able to. identify his body.

After grieving about Yu Yeon to Nam Sang Bae, he kept her in a detention cell for 72 hours; his junior fellows were worried about him. Han Joo Won received a sudden visit from Lee Dong Shik, who immediately attacked him by asking, “why did you put the fishing line and death certificate there?” since he did not have solid evidence against him, Han Joo Won smiled and cleverly handled the situation. After a cold conversation, Lee Dong Shik took out all his cards to prove it was Han Joo Won who put the certificate there. Yoo Jae Yi and Lee Dong Shik are seen chatting about what he saw at the back station of Munju Station on the day of Kang Jin Mook’s death.

Later, Han Joo Won visits Chief Bae in the detention cell. Joo Won and Joo Won’s father had an in-depth discussion about this case; later, Joo Won complains about his father that in the 28 years of his life he has seen his father less than a year in total, he sent him to England at an early age and is now unfit to act as a father. suddenly. Lee Dong Shik visited Lee Yu Yeon’s body and found that he was attacked several times because of his many broken bones, so that he died to death. Her younger sister was brutally murdered in 2000, and it made her blood boil over the torture she had been subjected to her sister. Towards the end, we see Chieftain Nam being kidnapped, and Han Joo Won notifying Lee Dong Shik and rushing to help him. We were so shocked that nothing could save the chief Nam, and he died on the spot. Lee Dong Shik is shattered to pieces, and we are left in a quandary and what happens next because the story is so tightly woven.

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Beyond Evil cast

Outside of Evil's episode schedule

The ongoing Beyond Evil K-Drama cast

The overall direction of the drama has been undertaken under Shim Na Yeon, with screenwriting under Kim Soo Jin. In the lead role, Shin Ha Kyun will play Lee Dong Shik and Yeo Jin Goo as Han Joo Won. In the main supporting role, we have Choi Dae Hoon as Park Jung Je, who is the inspector general, Choi Sung Eun as Yoo Jae Yi, Kim Shin Rok as Oh Ji Hwa, Chun Ho Jin as Nam Sang Bae, Chief of Many Police Posts, Naam Yoon Su as Oh Ji Hoon, and Kang Min Ah as Kang Min Jung.

Shin Ha Kyun is a very experienced South Korean actor; she has gained popularity over time with her versatile roles. Some of his popular works include Beyond Evil, Inseperable Bros, The villainess, Running man, The front line, Welcome to Dongmakgol, Sympathy for lady Vengeance, Guns and talk, and save the green planet.

Yeo Gin Goo is a South Korean actor who started his career as a child actor, making his debut in the film Sad Movie (2005). He was much loved by the Korean audience and was even nicknamed the Little Brother of the Nation. He started very young and has been working ever since. His notable works include Beyond evil, Hotel Del luna, The crowned clown, Circle, The royal gambler, The long way home, Shoot my heart, Hwayi, a monster boy, and Sad movie. He has also appeared in many other dramas and films in supporting roles and guest roles.

Where to watch Beyond Evil?

Beyond Evil can be watched on JTBC’s original network and airs at 11 p.m. KST every Friday and Saturday. The duration of each episode is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. This drama is also known as Monster, Freak, and Goemul. The drama genres include thriller, psychological, and drama. It aired on the JTBC network on February 19, 2021 and will air soon on April 10, 2021. Episode 11 will be released in less than 3 days. The preview of the next episode made us all curious about what happened next; Who do you think the real villain is, and how excited you are about the next episode, let us know in the comments section below.

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