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Among is a Canadian science fiction drama TV series. The series debuted on May 21, 2015. The TV series was created by Michael McGowan and co-produced by Citytv Canada and Netflix. The film stars Jennette McCurdy of iCarly, Jesse Carere, Ryan Allen, Justin Kelly, Kyle Mac, and Jack Murray. Jennette plays a pregnant teenager. He lives with his father, who is a pastor, in the small and beautiful town of Pretty Lake. The city has been hit by a mysterious and severe plague that has killed everyone over the age of 22.

The series’ origins lie in Canada, with Citytv broadcasting it. It is also co-produced by Netflix, which owns the distribution rights for territories outside Canada. Although season 1 received negative reviews, it was quickly updated for season 2. Season 2 premiered next year on June 30, 2016. However, after season 2 ended, the series was never picked up for the third season. It’s been 5 years since the last episode of season 2 aired, but no official news has surfaced yet. It has never been officially canceled, so is there still a future for the series?

Between the Netflix TV series

Pretty Lake survivor.

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Summary and Acceptance

Among following a small town by the name of Pretty Lake and the surrounding countryside. The location has been hit by a mysterious disease – a plague that has killed many people. But here’s the twist, everyone that’s been gutted is 22 years old and over. As a result, the government quarantined the entire area. The people inside the affected areas were unable to get out and were basically left to fend for themselves. The show competes with the electrical vacuum that has been created in the city. It also explores the attempts to escape the population and bubbling youthful anxiety that are prevalent within the zone. Even though the show was sorely lacking in writing and execution, it did raise some interesting questions. There are themes of youth anxiety, freedom, and death. The warning is that the implementation of this theme is not enough.

The series received mostly negative reviews. It was critically highlighted for bad acting and bad writing. Even though the second season improved significantly over its predecessors, it didn’t help the series as a whole much. Production seems very rushed and carried out lazily. One of the reasons why it is not received positively is also because of its episodic airing. This is a first for Netflix. It was also one of the first projects that Netflix produced in collaboration with others. The premise of the show is one that has been done before. It has similarities with other shows such as The Society. And the thing is – they’ve done the premise in a better way than Among. The second season in the series received slightly better than the first. It also ended up on a huge cliffhanger and left a lot of questions unanswered. Those were reasons more than fans’ desire for the third film.

Will there be Between Season 3?

Unfortunately for the fans who are still holding out for the third season, the odds are minimal to nil. Nearly 5 years have passed since the second season came down. However, there has been no confirmation or news regarding the new season. The show hasn’t been canceled either, but that shouldn’t raise your hopes for a third installment. Netflix describes generally what shows are canceled and when. But after 5 years of total silence, it was very unlikely that he would ever bring the show back from his sleep.

Jennette McCurdy and cast

Jennette McCurdy and the cast of Antara.

The show didn’t exactly create a splash in the audience and earned poor ratings and reception. Taking into account these facts, it is likely that the plug will be pulled out. Years after the show can’t be considered a pause, because nothing has been announced by Netflix. It is quite possible that the show has just been forgotten. And it makes sense because it doesn’t help the streaming platform’s reputation much. It’s a shame for fans of the series, however Among season 3 definitely doesn’t see a light day.

You can stream between season 1 and 2 on Netflix.

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