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Many anime series will be released in 2021. One of the anime that is currently taking place in 2021 is Redo of a healer. A fantasy anime mixed with lots of ecchi, Redo Of Healer presents the story of Keare / Keyaru. Most of the anime series deal with mainstream heroes like swordsmen. While healers are considered mostly support characters, Redo Of Hero opens the way to a whole new perspective where Healers are the strongest hero class.

The story is set in a fantasy land. Healers are belittled and treated like trash. Keare, an individual with healing powers, was chosen to be a Hero of Healing. However, its strength comes at a price. Every time he healed someone, he felt hurt and agonizing pain, which caused him to become weak. But, at the same time, he could also imitate the skills of the people he healed. Because he was a healer, he was subjected to a lot of torment by other, stronger heroes. This continued until he realized his true strength. Too late at this point, the enemy was close to winning. With her unmatched strength, she used her healing power in the world, thereby rewinding time.

Getting another chance to save the world, Keare prepares to take revenge on those who mistreated him and cleansed the world.

Without a doubt, Redo of Healer has a great concept and has received high expectations from the audience. If you like this anime, here are ten anime like Redo of Healer that you must watch!

10. The Alert Hero

The Alert Hero.

Released in 2019, Cautious Hero is a fantasy anime about Seiya, the hero who is summoned by the God of Healing. As the anime’s name suggests, Seiya is very careful of his enemies. He would go to extreme heights even to kill a slime, to ensure that he didn’t leave the slightest possibility of awakening. The series follows the adventures of Seiya and Letarte, the Goddess who summoned him, as they continue on their mission to save the world.

Cautious Hero has a cute wrap that you might find absolutely stunning. As the difficulty level increased, we saw that Seiya’s caution had not been wasted. If Redo of Healer is too Echi and bloody for you, you can definitely watch Cautious Hero because it might interest you.

9. At that time I Reincarnated as a Slime

At that time I Reincarnated as a Slime.

The story includes human reincarnation into a whole new world. However, there is little change – in the new world; she is a slime. Slime is considered to be the weakest monster. In fact, after devouring a true dragon, Rimuru Tempest, that slime, grew stronger and realized that being a slime might not be that bad.

As the story progresses, we see Rimuru’s journey from being the Lord of a small village of Goblins to being the King in his country of monsters, Tempest. The series doesn’t have a lot of serious touches in its first season. The second season of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime was released recently. There’s a darker scene here as we watch the story progress.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime is an incredible fantasy anime. I would definitely recommend people to watch it for its fun and engaging illustrations.

8. InuYasha


Do you like anime with lots of demons? If yes, you’ll have to party InuYasha all night. InuYasha is the oldest anime on this list, so I doubt anyone hasn’t watched it. However, if you missed it, InuYasha is an anime suitable for fantasy anime lovers.

The plot follows the story of Kagome Higurashi, who travels back 500 years to the demon era after being pulled from a well. Somehow, he got a precious jewel, which was called the Shikon jewel. Due to his ability to grant wishes, every demon wanted to possess this jewel, causing chaos. In one battle, the jewel accidentally broke.

Kagome teamed up with InuYasha, a demon dog, to take all the pieces of this devastated demon. The manga adapted from the anime has won several awards for its cleverness in plot and illustration.

7. Dewa Middle School

Dewa high school.

Adapted from the popular Manhwa of the same name, God Of High school is another great anime from animator studio MAPPA.

A tournament among many young people has sparked massive murmurs around Seoul. The tournament conditions are simple – be the last one standing. Many strong contenders join because the winner of the tournament will get whatever they want. The protagonist, Jin Mori, befriends Han Daewi and Yu Mira, fighting together to win the tournament.

However, there are more tournament secrets as we realize that the organizers are looking for someone through this tournament – someone named Key.

The series develops with great enthusiasm and endows viewers with an exciting war between God and heavenly beings with extraordinary skills. The God of High School may not be an ordinary fantasy anime, but it has an extraordinary sensation.

6. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail guides viewers through a world where great mages form guilds and take jobs. Lucy Heartfelia only has one dream: to join Fairy Tail, a famous guild. He met Natsu Dragneel, who introduced him to Fairy Tail with a lot of twists and turns, and that’s where the adventure begins.

Fairy Tail is a hugely popular anime series that is outstanding in terms of content. Given its popularity, I don’t think I need to explain why it’s such a great fantasy anime.

5. Magi: Magic Labyrinth

Magi: Labrynth of Magic.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic presents a world full of witches, genies and treasure. The plot is set in a world where unlimited treasures are stored in a dungeon created by Magi. These Magi were not ordinary magicians but were very powerful and capable of creating dungeons and leading people to them. The kind and innocent Young Aladdin is the protagonist of this anime series.

Anime follows his quest as he clears various dungeons with his friends Morgiana and Alibaba. This anime uses many supernatural elements that make viewers captivated. Despite its differences from the Redo of Healer, I think it’s a great watch if the worlds of fantasy, magic, and genies fascinate you.

4. Black Clover

Black Clover.

Black clover is one of the first anime that comes to our mind when we think of ‘underrated’ heroes. Set in a world where strength is everything, Black Clover is giving viewers an adrenaline rush as the series progresses.

Following the story of Asta, the child born without magic, we get to see a whole new world with more admiration as we dive deeper into the series. At first, we saw Asta as someone without magical powers. Despite his flaws, he worked hard. At the age of fifteen, teenagers are bestowed with a grimoire. Yuno, a brilliant magician and Asta’s friend, gets the Grimoire with a four-leaf clover.

After several attempts, Asta obtains a rare Grimoire which has a five-leaf clover. Whether the Grimoire’s power called Black Clover is good or evil is unknown. Black Clover is an excellent anime series and it easily makes it to the top ten fantasy anime on my list.

3. KonoSuba


When most isekai and fantasy anime fail to pay their attention to small details such as monetary problems in the new world, KonoSuba shows off Kazuma Satou’s comedic experience in the cute and worthless new world after death due to shock. Right after dying, he was presented before Goddess Aqua. However, he was given two choices, namely going to heaven or reincarnating into a new world. As expected, he chose to reincarnate into a new world and chose Aqua to go with him on his quest.

With Aqua’s inability to do anything clever, experience one cute fantasy anime. KonoSuba will blow your mind with its adventures and touch your heart at the same time.

2. Akame didn’t kill

When Tatsumi first visited the Imperial City, he seemed to be surprised by the kindness of the officials. Tatsumi came to a big city with two of his friends from a village. However, he got separated from them and arrived alone in the city, where he was waiting for them. When a kind princess took pity on her and asked her to come to the castle after she was robbed, she was overwhelmed and accepted her offer.

Later that night, The Night Raid, who is wanted as a criminal for murdering government officials, attacks the mansion; Tatsumi is ready to protect the kind-hearted noble house. However, horror awaits him when he realizes that the house is actually the slaughterhouse of the poor. Seeing that they had also killed his two friends, Tatsumi was angry and joined The Night Raid.

Akame ga Kill promotes corruption and oppression in the Imperial City. The series further ahead depicts the journey of Tatsumi and The Night Raid to take a journey to a world tainted by the nobles.

1. No Game No Life

No Game No Life.

No game No Life is an anime to watch if Redo Of Healer catches your eye. Filled with big-chested anime girls, elves, and werewolves with cute ears, No Game No Life ensures a great time.

In a world where every conflict is resolved through play, Sora and Shiro, two genius players, plan their way to the top. Humans are considered the weakest. God is Tet, who limits the world in ten rules. Sora and Shiro become the new masters of humanity, ready to win more.

Released in 2014, the anime series wowed many fans as they had been waiting for the next season. However, with the announcement that there would be no other season of this anime, the fan community was disappointed. Even so, there are anime prequel films that are also well-plotted.

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