Belle Gibson Net Worth: A Closer Look at Her Medical Hoax


Belle Gibson is not only an Australian writer but also has an established career as a health teacher. One thing that Belle is famous for is her false narrative about terminal brain cancer. Talking about the story of her career as a health teacher, it starts with her own diagnosis. The famous writer has suffered from various cancer pathologies. Basically, all of his internal organs. Gibson has cancer of the blood, uterus, liver, brain, spleen and kidney. He even suffered a stroke. And even had fleeting death experiences while undergoing multiple surgeries.

The author claims to find his way through self-administered food, exercise along with some necessary therapy. Gibson says he no longer believes in scientific treatments. To be precise, she decided to be diagnosed with her own routine and diet at home. Most importantly, a large segment of his income is donated. Along with a significant share of the profits achieved by his company. Basically, all this is poured in the name of charity. But the truth is that she never had cancer.

Belle Gibson: How his digital footprint exposed inconsistencies and lies.  |  Online Investigation Pty Ltd

Belle Gibson’s Early Life

Gibson is a native of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Married to Clive Rothwell and have one child. The author was born on October 8, 1991. From his various interviews, we find he left his family from Brisbane at the early age of 12. Then, live his life with a friend’s family. As for his schooling, he attended Wynnum State High School from Manly, Queensland, until grade 10. Furthermore, he admitted to finishing school from home.

For his tenure, he started as a trainee for PFD Food Services at Lytton. This is the company that provides their catering services. He moved to Western Australia in Perth in late 2008. It was from there that he joined the online community of skateboarders. Therefore, follow their culture actively. Another relocation by him was in July 2009 to Melbourne. This was the period when she was only 18 years old and then became a mother exactly one year later.

Belle Gibson: Influencers who lied about cancer - BBC Three

When Gibson was 21, he launched his ‘The Whole Pantry’ app. This happened during August 2013. Belle is best known for her mobile app for The Whole Pantry. Looking at the numbers, it was found that this app was loaded more than two lakh times. That was in the first month of its launch. The same has been voted the Best Food and Drink App of 2013 for Apple. The app rocked itself in the market. This is then accompanied by a companion cookbook.

Gibson Net Worth

Belle Gibson FINALLY made to pay: Authorities seize assets of notorious cancer counterfeiter |  Daily Mail Online

Belle Gibson or Annabelle Natalie Gibson is considered a social media influencer, fitness icon, and blogger who promotes a healthy lifestyle. But to some, he is simply the one guilty of his deception. Scams that are spreading false narratives due to terminal brain cancer. And considers himself a proponent of pseudoscience. The Australian writer has a net worth of around $2 million to $3 million in 2021. Gibson values ​​a frivolous and frivolous life. This includes buying different designer clothes, having dental procedures. Apart from renting luxury cars, luxury townhouses, as well as spending their holidays on international trips.

Medial Hoax

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Being a social media inspiration to many, her proposal was a huge success. Belle Gibson and her’Whole Pantry‘ mobile app is very popular among people. After this huge success, he even made a book deal and signed it to make it official as well. Speaking of medical hoaxes, he has never been able to defend his claim to have cancer. He also could not give the name of the doctor involved in his diagnosis. Add to that the fact that she doesn’t even have a scar from the surgery she had to go through. That’s all we have as per our sources. Thank you!


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