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Black Clover will air its fourth and final season in December 2020. The anime will finally end after a total of 170 episodes. This long-running anime series will end in March 2021. This anime is getting a lot of fans for its unpredictable storyline and supernatural elements. It was really disappointing to fans when it was announced that the Black Clover anime had finally ended even though the manga would continue. Studio Pierrot licenses the manga to animate and brings us one of the most popular series.

This anime has many surprising factors that keep the story interesting. However, it’s a little tedious at first. But, it got even better from the second season. Although the storyline is quite interesting, the audience is often made to stop because of severe headaches caused by Asta’s incessant screams. The screams became less pitched in later episodes and it became possible to watch the show without silencing her.

After the final announcement of the series, it was produced indicating that there would be another announcement after the series ended. Well, it doesn’t seem all bad news. Given that the manga is still ongoing and the series will end on a cliffhanger, it’s very likely that the anime will make another season for a comeback. However, it’s pretty sure that even if there is a comeback, it’s still a long time before the new season after season 4 is announced. Until then, it’s best to stay updated with the manga.

This might be a good time to over-watch anime because it’s over. Planning to watch it but want an early start? Here’s a beginner’s guide to Black Clover to give you a quick guide.

What is Black Clover all about?

A beginner's guide to Black Clover

Asta and Yuno, Black Clover’s rivals.

Asta and Yuno

The black clover is mainly centered around the story of Asta, a white-haired boy with zero magical power in a world where magic defines everything. Asta and Yuna are two orphans. As mentioned, Asta has no magic in him but Yuna is very skilled. Since childhood, they were obsessed with being “MahoteiOr the Wizard King, the name that deserves the strongest magician in their world. The title comes from the story of the first wizard king who defeated a powerful demon king.

Even without any strength, Asta’s determination to become the Witch King is hard to break. He continued to struggle to get stronger while he was training on his own. With the same goal, Yuna and Asta identify each other as rivals.

Asta Awakening

At the age of 15, the young magician is bestowed with the grimoire, which is a book of magic. All the 15 year olds gathered to get their grimoire. Yuna reached the Grimoire which had a four leaf clover marked on it, which was considered the strongest. All other mages got their grimoires. All except Asta. She continued to wait expectantly for one but she was left insulted.

A beginner's guide to Black Clover

Asta receives the Black Clover Grimoire.

Then, a Grimoire thief (you name it) named Leputy comes to steal Yuno’s Grimoire. Obviously, black markets are something in every world. He defeats Yuno but Asta comes to save him. He almost gave up screaming above his lungs (and at the door of our eardrums and every nerve cell attached to him). Yuno, the only one who realizes his potential, yells at him and reminds Asta that they are rivals. It somehow activated his power and he was bestowed with an extremely rare Grimoire engraved with a five-leaf clover. This grimoire is called Black Clover.

After this incident, the duo went to the capital to become Knights, taking the first steps towards their goal. Through a series of events, Asta joins the Black Bulls, a guild of misfits. There are many arcs throughout the following seasons where Asta meets lots of interesting characters. We also reveal a lot about the true nature of Asta’s powers and their origins.

Black Clover: What is a grimoire?

A beginner's guide to Black Clover

Grimoire in the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony.

The anime’s name comes from Grimoire itself. The grimoire is magical equipment. They were given to witches at the age of 15. When turned over, they were empty. They will fill up over time as the mage evolves. These grimoires can also evolve as the owner gets stronger. They have a strong bond with their owner. This is why the Grimoire can only be operated by one person. Besides, after the magic dies, the grimoire shatters itself, rendering it unusable for others. While they were used to transcribe spells, grimoires greatly enhanced mages’ abilities too.

Different kingdoms had different grimoires with emblems engraved on them. Asta and Yuno are from the Clover Kingdom, which is why they got the Grimoire with a Clover carving on it. The number of leaves indicates the type of owner the Grimoire has. The grimoire with three leaves is the most common type. The three leaf clover comes with faith, love and hope. The four-leaf grimoire was not only rare, but also represented the birth of a powerful mage. The addition of a fourth leaf adds to the luck. Finally, we have the grimoire with five-leaf cloves. Such a grimoire can be inherited from a previous owner or developed from a four-leaf clover when the owner has too many negative emotions. This is why it is believed that the addition of another leaf depicts the devil.

Black Clover: Kingdom

There are four great Kingdoms in the world of Black Clover anime. We have the Clover King, the Heart Kingdom, the Spade Kingdom, and the Diamond Kingdom.

Black Clover: Important Character

Black Clover anime has many players. Her characters are voiced by famous voice actors and actresses. Asta (voiced by Kajiwara Gakuto) and Yuno (voiced by Shimazaki Nobunaga) are indeed the main characters. However, some of the other characters were almost as important as them.

Noelle Silva

A beginner's guide to Black Clover

Noelle Silva, Black Clover.

The very strong Black Clover character is Noelle Silva, a member of Black Bull. He has been voiced by voice actress Kana Yuki in the Japanese dub. Noelle has major advances in her story and is probably the favorite character of most of the Black Clover Fandoms. Towards the last seasons, he has become known as the main character along with Asta and Yuno.

Yami Sukehiro

A beginner's guide to Black Clover

Yami Sukehiro, Black Clover.

Yami Sukehiro is the leader of the guild of misfits, Black Bull. He is voiced by Suwabe Junichi. This massive character played a big role in Asta’s development as he accepted him into his guild when no one else was.

Julius Novachrono

A beginner's guide to Black Clover

Julius Novachrono, Black Clover

Voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki, Julius is the current and 28th Wizarding King of the Clover Kingdom. Being the Wizard King, he is the strongest magician without limits.

The Eye of the Midnight Sun

A beginner's guide to Black Clover

Licht, leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun: Black Clover.

It is more of a group of characters than individuals. The Eye of the Midnight Sun is led by Licht, who is voiced by Sakurai Takahiro. This group is the natural enemy of the Clover Kingdom and hence, the main antagonist in the series. The group contains several evil magicians who only have one goal: To annihilate the Clover Kingdom.

As the story progresses, we see many new characters, each of whom influenced the story in one way or another.

Black Clover- Fan Review

Black Clover started broadcasting about four years ago in 2017. Since then it has produced four seasons and ends. Anime is not your typical fantasy story. In many fantasy anime, we see very strong characters who can destroy anything within a thousand kilometers with the snap of a finger. Black Clover brings realism in the unrealistic world of witches and demons. We saw Asta growing at a steady pace which was neither too rushed nor too slow.

Even Yuno, being a talented magician looks to be working he has to maintain his status. He did have an innate talent for magic but the fact that he was polishing his skills was well illustrated. Besides, it’s always nice to see Yuno and Asta choose each other like a married couple. Even though they care for each other, they have healthy competition between them which helps them grow. I love the protagonist’s growth throughout the anime from being a child without magic to being a full-fledged Magi. It’s exciting to wonder how this anime will end.

I would easily recommend Black Clover to all anime fans. If you can hold Asta’s screams for a few episodes and try this anime, you will definitely be entertained.

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