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CW has produced some great superhero content, and the Batwoman series is one of them. Season 2 just launched, and there are some great episodes released. Let’s take a look at the upcoming 4th episode. But before we jump to the fourth episode, let’s learn more about the series.

Behind the scenes

Batwoman 1

Developed by Caroline Dries, Batwoman is an American superhero show at CW. In 2018, Batwoman’s character appeared on Arrowverse, particularly at Elseworlds.

After much demand and popularity for the character, followed by a strong script from the creator, we now have the Batwoman series. We saw Ruby Rose dawn on the character Batwoman in season one, but she dropped out of the series before season two started.

We don’t get much information from Rose about why she left, but she does state that the back injury and the surgery required for it were one of the reasons. After Rose left, the producers went on for the next Batwoman. They determined that they were committed to finding a female lead from the LGBTQ community.

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It was later revealed that Ruby Rose’s character, Kate Kane, would be completely replaced and a new Batwoman would replace her. This was done in honor of Rose and her dedication to her work. It was also stated that Kat’s Batwoman would not be killed and that the disappearance would play an important role in season 2. Towards the end of June, Javilia Leslie was cast as the new lead for the Batwoman series.


Batwoman 4

The series picks up after the iconic Bruce Wayne goes missing, when we say go he didn’t die, he just disappeared from the scene for some unknown reason. With Bruce Wayne gone, that means our Batman is gone, and with Batman gone, crime in Gotham City will expand to new frontiers.

But all hope isn’t lost for Gotham as Kate Kane is there to roll out the Batwoman title. He replaces the previous Gotham hero and vows to protect the city from all evil. The main villain he fought in season one was none other than his sister Alice, who was thought to be dead.

As season 2 rolls around, we discover that the plane Kate was in had an accident somewhere. His batsuit is discovered by a new protagonist, a former convict named Ryan Wilder. But the strange part was that her body couldn’t be found anywhere. Now looking back to the fact that series creators are starting out, Kate’s departure signifies something very serious for the show meaning she may be making another minor appearance.

Now with Kate gone and the fact that Alice has meddled with Ryan’s life as well, she is aware of the role of Batwoman. Now a new Batwoman has entered the streets of Gotham, but he’s not the only new face. Safiyah Sohail, Alice’s friend, also appears.

Alice isn’t the only threat our new Batwoman has to face. Black Mask is also in the images for season 2, so False Face Society will be a real pain for Ryan.

Episode 4

Episode 4 will be titled Fair Skin, Blue Eyes. For this premise, we know that Batwoman will try to stop Snake Bite from destroying Gotham City. It was also stated that she would have a meeting that reminded her of her painful past.

Batwoman 3

We’ve seen a lot of Kate’s influence on the show even after her departure. But the creators made sure that this influence would override our current main protagonist, Ryan. For the upcoming fourth episode, it is also mentioned that he will make sure there is no one like him who goes unnoticed, whatever that means we will know when the episode drops.

The fourth episode was delayed, and no, it wasn’t because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Surprisingly, the show was postponed not because of the pandemic and several other reasons. It was postponed because the Super Bowl, airing during the Super Bowl would be a hitting blow to the show’s rankings. Episode 4 of Batwom’s Season 2 will be released on February 14, 2021.

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