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Rekka defense forces reported to headquarters that the targeted dreadnought were heading north through the wall’s neutral zone. At the same time, Shuu talked about the naming ceremony with Bit. He asked Bit to make a speech, and Bit said as Graneger’s tactical admiral. He wanted to announce the name Briheight, and the first to be named Muga. Muga is the Briheight manifested by Arrow. Briheight Shadoh, manifested by Eisha Lean.

The last one is Briheight Ryuju, created by Atlee Ariel. Eisha asks why they named Briheight. Shuu comments that Briheights are manifested as belief. The more personal they are, the more respected they are. Characterizing them by name helps foster greater confidence. A little comment that he’ll get a cool name once he gets his Briheight. Shuu reveals that Rekka’s northern guards are watching them.

Back Arrow Episode 8 will be released on Saturday, February 27, 2021, at 12:00. Please visit this website and watch it AnimeLab and Funimation.

Previously on Back Arrow Episode 7

Shuu showed the crew of the troops that were watching them, and Bit saw a large man. He asks who is that beard. Shuu reveals that the bearded one is the Northern General, Bai Toatzu, and he will attack if he gets the chance. He also commented that fighting near the zone is prohibited under the Caravan Road agreement. If Rekka didn’t want to cause trouble, they would avoid it. Shuu said that their aim was right where the wall met the neutral zone.

But Emperor Zetsu wants them to be removed, and he might break the agreement and attack. Arrows comments that once they arrive, they will destroy the wall before being attacked. Kids come screaming that villagers want to talk to Eisha and Atlee. The crew heads there and find the village chief waiting for them with the villagers. They reveal that they cannot continue their journey, and they want to leave the ship.

Back Arrow

Back Arrow

Cursed Wall

One of the women said that if they crossed the wall, they would be cursed and die. They worry that everyone will die and that they will lose their families and children. Eisha told the villagers that they weren’t sure about that. They have to go there and see what happens. Eisha told the villagers that they don’t know if there is a curse or not. He knew that if they returned, they would be captured and treated as slaves.

The village head thought that there was no point in risking your life without knowing what would happen. The kids screamed that they were reunited with Eisha and Atlee. The village head told Eisha that the children’s future depended on the answer. Eisha replied that she had decided to go ahead no matter what. He believed in dying while trying rather than sitting and doing nothing. Meanwhile, Lord Walston was summoned by the queen.

Walston was asked if it was true that he attacked Iki’s dreadnought. Walston denied everything because he knew he might get into trouble. He remembered that he had done it, and he had also attacked the beautiful boy’s farm. But Arrow beat him. Walston lied to the queen that he was a good man and helped the hungry poor. The queen told Walston that she was creating a world of love and peace; he must not try to spoil it.

Commander Prax

Back Arrow

Back Arrow

He also told Walston that it was forbidden for everyone to attack dreadnought. Walston said he would never disobey orders from the queen. The queen asked Walston if he was the one experimenting on the beautiful boy from the farm. Walston said he was trying to prolong their lives. He said he was creating a future where they would not starve, and the queen told him not to do that again. She left Walston, shedding tears.

As she walks in the gardens of the royal palace, she teases the queen that she is whiny. He comments that he doesn’t care about love and peace. Suddenly he met a woman wearing armor, and she took out her weapon. Walston stared at the woman, thinking that she couldn’t knock him down. In the blink of an eye, he found that it was cut when he looked at his arm. Walston started screaming, and other knights arrived.

The woman took off her helmet, and the knights called her commander Prax. He told Walston that it was the price to make the queen suffer. The knights took Walstone to be treated. Later, Prax’s commanders helped Arrow and the others defeat the soldiers attacking their ships. He told Arrow that the queen wanted to see him; she has things to discuss with him. Arrow hesitated to answer, and Prax said he’d come back to reassure him.

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