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After defeating Kai with Shuu’s help, the crew continued to move towards the other side of the wall. Along the way, Eisha’s health began to deteriorate. She couldn’t use her Brightheight well, and Shuu decided to help her. They turned the ship into automatic so that Eisha was taken care of. Grandpa is worried about Eisha’s health; he hoped they would stay in the village. But he realized that the village no longer existed; all they need to do is go to the other side of the wall.

Later, Eisha wakes up in front of Grandpa, and he apologizes for worrying him. At the same time, Arrow and the others enjoyed aboard the small boat. They were happy that the ship had everything the villagers needed. They enjoy good food, washing machines, luxurious sofas and beds for the first time. Bit is happy that they have found a better weapon to protect themselves. Meanwhile, Kai is arrested for not coming back with Shuu.

Episode 7 will be released on Saturday, February 20, 2021, at 12:00 JST. Back Arrow will continue releasing new episodes every Saturday. Try the Back Arrow on and watch it AnimeLab and Funimation.

Back Arrow

Back Arrow

Previously on Back Arrow Episode 6

Ren visited her and asked her why and she said she deserved this, but she would use this humiliation to further strengthen her belief. Minister Kyo visits Kai and tells him he’s wasting his time. Kai asks why the minister of defense is here, and Kyo comments that the two of them ignore Shuu’s disloyalty while being by his side. Kyo comments that Ren is also responsible for letting Shuu escape.

Kai told Kyo not to punish Ren. Kyo comments that he has no right to decide and Kai says the minister is also responsible for weapons and development, not Rens’ fate. Kyo reveals that prime minister Tae made him the Chief Diviner too. He also said it was his job to clean up after Shu’s mess, and last night, Emperor Zetsu went to tackle the rebels in the west. Tae now holds the most power in the capital, and no one can oppose him.

Walston Kingdom

Ren comments that after everything is over, he will accept his punishment, and he hopes that the traitor is killed. Kyo comments that it won’t work until they know the capital is safe, Tae will refuse to deploy an army. Ren swore that he would prove Shu responsible for the hoax. Kyo comments that it’s not Ren’s job and that his fate will be decided in three days. Ren can do whatever he likes in the capital for three days, but he must use his freedom wisely.

Ren thanked Kyo and commented that he would make good use of the three days. Ren left the two of them, and Kai asked Kyo what he thought. Kyo comments that he only did as he was told and didn’t upset Tae. Meanwhile Arrow and the others stopped at a nearby town, and Atlee was fishing for them. They managed to hunt and gather more fruit, water and food for their journey. Shuu reveals that they have made it past Lutoh.

Back Arrow

Back Arrow

But Walston Province is autonomous, and that would be a shortcut. Few ask why it is autonomous. Shuu reveals that Lutoh allowed God to rule himself by paying taxes, and that Walston was taken care of lightly, unlike Lutoh. Sola comments that he knows a way they can cut it. Shuu says Rekka made a map which they have, but has no data on Lutoh. They had to find his way in three days, and he wanted to reach the wall in that time. Atlee came and announced that they had finished packing and they were ready to go.

Pretty Boy Farm

Sola thought they were on a good route, but they were stopped by a briheight. He told them to return, and Eisha commented that it was difficult to stop this large ship. The man comments that they have to fight him and Bit thinks the man is strong as general Kai. Arrow went outside and caught the man, and he found that it was a child inside the briheight. Arrows tell him that they won’t hurt him, and he realizes that the child will starve later after they feed him.

The boy reveals that he is Bruh, and he comes from a beautiful kid’s farm. Bruh told them how they fought there. Arrows and the others head to the farm and provide food, water and blankets. Bruh tells the other pretty boys that Arrow’s crew aren’t the enemy; they have helped him. Eisha wonders why everyone is the pretty boy on the farm. Bruh reveals that it was farming until they became Lord Wlaston’s cattle.

Sola and Arrow decide to help the beautiful boy from the farm. Bruh revealed that the beautiful boy was named as a livestock, but they came from a poor village. They thought having water and food would be an increase. But after they saw what God was doing to them, they fought back and managed to escape. Then the enemy attacked the farm, but Arrow and his crew defeated Lord and his allies. He took all the warnings God had and gave them to the beautiful boys to protect themselves in case they were attacked again.

Back Arrow Episode 7 Preview

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