Back Arrow Episode 17: Preview and Recap

The higher ups had discovered that Supreme Rudolph was the mastermind behind the riots in Lutoh. In order to protect the villagers of Edger, Doctor Sola sacrificed his life. Atlee managed to save Fine from those who were after him by declaring their thoughts as an independent nation. Two months have now passed after the great war and the incident that occurred in Lutoh. In the Caravan Road Neutral Zone, Shuu, Arrow, Atlee, and Eisha with the villagers on their boat. Eisha wondered why there was no news about the next Rakuho.

He asks Shu why this happened, and Shu comments that it will take time for another Rakuho to fall. Arrow comments that Shu should know since he’s good at this. Shuu said that Rekka would have felt naked if they did not have a tying warmer. Eisha revealed that they had received an official letter from Lutoh. Princess Fine stays with the Arrow crew, waiting for the villagers’ anger to subside. He joined conservation and said Sovereign Peath had finally agreed to attend the signing ceremony.

Previously on Back Arrow Episode 16

Arrow is glad that there is peace in Rekka and Luto now that their alliance bond is strengthened. Bitt is happy that his village and the people of his village will be officially independent. Shuu realizes that they are celebrating, and they forget about him and Princess Fine. He reminded them to thank him and Princess Fine as they handled the negotiations. The two risked their lives to save the lives of citizens and fallen kingdoms through negotiations.

However Arrow and the rest of the crew played an important role during the battle even though they had lost one of his comrades, Doctor Solo. Eisha thanked Shuu for realizing that she wanted their attention. Princess Fine was overjoyed that Arrow and the crew helped her realize that it would open new avenues if she continued moving forward. He said he was ready to find his way, and that this was his first step.
Commander Prax arrives and apologizes to the crew for keeping them waiting.

Queen Granedger United

Back Arrow

Back Arrow

Bitt looked back, and he was stunned to see a well-dressed queen behind him. Prax revealed that he presented the Queen of Granedger United, Atlee Ariel. They crowned her as queen, and everyone was happy for her. Atlee asked them what they thought of the ceremony dress. Eisha comments that it looks lovely on her, and Bitt drops the spoon, witnessing Atlee’s new version of beauty. Shuu comments that Bitt shouldn’t comment anything as his appearance tells them all.

Atlee wonders if she deserves to be queen, and she asks everyone about it. The fine told her not to be afraid, and she deserved more than that. Arrow comments that Atlee needs to be confident, and she shouldn’t forget it started because of him. Atlee realized that he had told the higher ups that their country was Granedger and an independent country. That day Peath received a call telling him to leave the girl and back off. Peath told his soldiers to back off, and his partner asked him why.

He told his comrades that Supreme Rudolph ordered him to do that, and they could not go against Supreme. Currently, Rudolph and Douzosa are talking about the Republic of Rekka, the Supremacy of Lutoh and Granedger. He revealed that the more power there is, the more seeds of war will be. Rudolph changes from his muscular version and returns to his old curvaceous form. He comments on spreading war on the ground; it is god’s will.

Meanwhile, Arrow and his crew started farming, and he told them they could raise and farm. Shuu helps the villagers by controlling the water and climate crops will grow well. Then they had a banquet, and the beautiful boy declared independence from Mr. Walston. After the ceremony, Arrow and Shuu visited Kai, who asked Shuu why he had come even though it was dangerous. Shuu replied that they came because they needed land.

Back Arrow Episode 17 Release Date & Where To Watch

Back Arrow Episode 17 will be out on Saturday, May 1, 2021, at 12.00. You can Watch Back Arrow online at Funimation. We’ll be updating more updates once episode 17 is released.

Back Arrow Episode 17 Preview

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