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Kai got lost, but Ren arrived on time and gave him confidence. When their Briheights were combined, Kai gained mastery of the heavens. They both began to dominate Lutoh’s army. Kai decides to face Shu and Arrow with Ren’s help. The duo arrived in front of Shu. Kai wonders where Arrow is because he wants revenge. She didn’t worry about Shu because she thought Shu was weak. Shu asked Kai if he was looking for it and Kai said he wanted Arrow.

Kai comments that his anger at Shu is just a grudge. The enemy is Arrow, not someone like the weak Shu. Kai reveals that he will use all of his strength to defeat Arrow. Ren comments that the Kai he knows has returned. Kai reveals that Shu has betrayed the nation and broke promises, and misled people. If Arrow is defeated, Shu’s dream will be destroyed.

Previously on Back Arrow Episode 13

Kai combines the power of his manifest armor with Ren, and the two of them become one powerful being. Kai comments that he will destroy Shu’s dream, and he should think of it as a gift of friendship. Shu smiles and comments that Kai looks like himself again and more than that. Kai headed towards Arrow, who was hit by the ground. He told Arrow to come forward and fight him.

Kai vs. Arrow

Back Arrow

Back Arrow

Arrow comments that Kai is something else, and he has come back strong after a humiliating defeat. He also told Kai that he wouldn’t hold back. Arrow tries to release a powerful punch, but his injury stops him from doing that. Shuu realized that Arrow’s broken arm was giving him trouble. He ordered his allies to support Arrow, and Kai realized Arrow had injured himself. Ren noticed that it was the previous wound he gave Arrow. Kai comments that he doesn’t care if Arrow’s arm breaks, and he won’t go easy on her.

Kai talks about respect, and Arrow comments that Kai doesn’t know anything about respect. Ren comments that they will make Arrow pay and cry. He also said that because of Arrow, he became Kai’s wing. Ren said that to show his gratitude, he will do everything he can to defeat Arrow. Arrow smiles and comments that he’s ready to show them a good fight. The duo started punishing Arrow and Atlee for wanting to help Arrow, but other soldiers intervened. The man reveals that he is the Weast General of the Rekka Republic, Goh Zanga.

He spun the gun and prepared to stop Atlee and Eisha from helping Arrow. Goh attacked Eish, and Atlee blocked the attack. Meanwhile Arrow was having a hard time exchanging blows with Kai and Ren. Atlee tried to attack with the flaming whip, but she was pulled back. The person commented that Whip Brigheight came and faced me, General of the North Rekka, Bai Toatsu. Arow managed to block Kai’s powerful slash even though his arm was broken. Kai tells Arrow that his luck is running around and lighting the flames that hit Arrow.

Battle Between Rulers

Back Arrow

Back Arrow

Kai comments that this is what Arrow will get for injustice. He strikes again with the final blow and comments that Arrow is too slow. Before the blow landed, Prax used his shield to block and protect Arrow from being taken out. Prax commented that he was the first to learn to fly. Kai doesn’t have to try to be tough in front of him.

He reveals that he is the commander of the Lutoh Armored Division, Prax Conrad. Prax tells Kai there is no need to say his name; they’ve heard it. He started exchanging blows with Kai. Arrows heal her hands to join ballet and make it a 2v2 battle. After a long battle, Arrow led Kai to the top of the wall and told the truth about the wall.

Kai refuses to believe it, and he defeats Arrow with Prax. Fines decides to join the battle and reveals that her belief is love. Love is everything, and he’s revealed his new Lovsolute armor. No attack could damage the armor, and he challenged Kai. Zetsu noticed that Kai was no match for Fine, and he joined the battle. He reveals that it is a fight between rulers, and his belief is that he is following the path he has made. Zetsu was glad he was up against a worthy opponent.

Back Arrow Episode 14 Release Date

Back Arrow Episode 14 will be out on Saturday, April 9, 2021, at 12.00. You can Back Arrow online at AnimeLab, and Funimation. We’ll be updating more updates after episode 14 is released.

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