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Prince Fine has accepted war from His Majesty. He informed Barana and Prax that they were preparing for war with Rekka in two days. Prax notices that Fine belongs to his other personalities. The residents wondered why Lutoh had to fight with Rekka. Dr. Solo has invaded Luto to get food for the escape, but Friz follows him. When he arrived at his hideout, he told Arrow and the others about the war.

Friz begins destroying their hideout, but Dissonaza sends Friz away. Solo doesn’t believe it’s Dissonaza. Dissonaza told Solo to follow him because there was nothing “He” didn’t know from the capital. She tells him “She” is waiting for him. Shu asks Solo who “He” is. Solo replies that “He” is the worst person to contend with in Lutoh; they can just go with the flow.

Back Arrow Episode 11 will be released on Saturday, March 20, at 12:00 on, AnimeLab, and Funimation. We’ll be updating more updates after episode 11 is released. Let’s move on to the latest developments and the preview below.

Previously on Back Arrow Episode 10

Then, the two of them arrived at the Lecherous Palace. They run into Elect Supreme, who is eating a sweet snack. He apologized for eating in front of them, and Shuu wondered why such a fat man became the Supreme Leader. Elect Supreme is happy that Solo knows him and reveals that he is Rudolf. He wondered why Rekka Brain didn’t even know him. She thinks Shuu knows everything that happened in Rekka.

Solo reveals that this is the first time he has seen Rudolf. But he just heard rumors about him and never thought Elect Supreme existed. Arrow asks who he is, and Shuu reveals that Rudolf is one of the Six Supremes. Rudolf was the one who chose the crown, and Bit thinks Rudolf is the most important person. He continued to eat lots of snacks. Rudolf commented that Solo had brought in an interesting group.

Back Arrow

Declaration of war

Rudolf says he enjoys new company every now and then, and he loves seeing men behind the walls. Rudolf blew the wind towards Arrow and asked if he came from inside the Rakuho. Arrows replied that she didn’t like it. She took revenge on Rudolf for trying to be bossy. Rudolf commented that he could see that Arrow was sharp. Arrow told Rudolf that he didn’t like people like him. Rudolf’s eyes turned green, and he created a gust of wind that hit Arrow with the wall.

Rudolf told Arrow that when he got angry, more strength was released in his body. Solo reveals that Rudolf has the Bind Waper in his body. Rudolf says his powers have no limits, and if he is serious, he can destroy the world. Dossonaza arrives and says that Supreme Secretary Peath is here. Rudolf said Arrow and the others could stay. Peath sees Solo and tells him he has heard everything from Prax.

Rudolf comments that he knows Prax is after them, but they are his guests for now. Peath said he didn’t mean to interfere; he had brought a new one from Lutoh’s kingdom. Rudolf said he was aware of the declaration of war ordered by Fine and the others. Peath wondered how Rudolf knew the coming war. Rudolf said it was he who chose Fine for the throne. That’s why other successors are here to cheer him up.


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Back Arrow

Bitt believed that all the bodies lying on the floor were dead princesses trying to comfort Rudolf. Peath reveals that Rudolf pitied the princesses and made them his servants. Rudolf reveals how he gave Fines his blood after he had an accident. The crew now knows that’s why Fines has two personalities, a bad one and a good one. Rudolf said his fine resistance made him a perfect fit for the crown.

Solo doesn’t believe Rudolf’s blood is at the root of his problem. Shuu asks Solo if he doesn’t know the blood process. Solo replies that he knows about the operation, and he doesn’t know that they used Rudolf’s blood. Arrow blames Rudolf for the circumstances in which Princess Fine is. Rudolf reveals that he doesn’t want Fine to die even if he does something evil. Peath reveals that the Princess will execute Eisha and Arrow’s other friends.

At Lutoh, Fine orders Eisha to go to war with Prax, or else everyone in her village will be killed. Eisha refused to fight with Rekka because he was from there. Later, Arrow arrives at Lutoh and battles the guards trying to save Eisha and the others. When he got inside, he fought Prax and beat his Fines back to normal, and they decided to help him stop the war. Fine decided to stop the execution.

Back Arrow Episode 11 Preview

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