Awake 2 – Will There Be A Netflix Sci-Fi Drama Sequel?

Awake, the new Netflix sci-fi drama introduces a phenomenon that could turn into a procrastinator’s worst nightmare. Jokes apart, nightmare for every individual out there. At this point should we call it a nightmare? because this film is about humans who have lost the ability to sleep. Yes, imagine how much energy might be lost and how crazy humans are. Plus the fact that insomnia can kill you is another thing to watch out for. That’s it Awake about. But Awake not everything is dark and sad to accept the facts. Just like every disaster movie out there, humanity is looking for a cure. Towards the end, the main characters Noah and Matilda come across one when two children try to resurrect their mother Jill. But nothing in the past shown as the film closes suggests he might have survived. As for what happens next, we might need a sequel in the form of Awake 2 which might answer some questions.

Here we detail all the possibilities of Awake 2 happening in the near future. After the cliffhanger, movies have left us. Yes, we know this film is a bit lacking in storytelling, but the idea behind it is really good. Something that should be explored properly. Like are there more than two people mentioned in the movie who can sleep? Whether Jill survives and dies for a moment is the cure. So many questions around. So answering that, let’s see if we should expect Awake 2. If that happens when and what the plot will be for the sequel.

Should We Expect Awake 2?

Maybe yes maybe no. It all depends on how much interest Awake has for the audience. Plus in a world where the movie universe is expanding, it never hurts to have one for Awake. To be clear, Awake always seems like a story made only once. Starting from the first trailer to watching the film in its entirety. It introduces a post-apocalyptic world very much like those zombie movies. Just cut the zombies and add the phenomenon of humans not sleeping. The makers currently have no word on whether they will make a sequel, so it all depends on reception and viewership now.

When Can Wake 2 Come?

From the Official Awake Trailer Featuring Gina Rodriguez as Jill Adams

If we’re being honest, Awake at this point doesn’t have a good reception. Many have dubbed it a shallow disaster drama that not much followed. The lack of performance power resulted in the film failing to convey the original idea. But after all Netlflix has not considered the reviews and receptions in the past. They always turn to viewer data. If the screening is right for the film. We may have Awake 2 in the near future.

Release Date Awake 2

As we said, Awake right now is only considered a one-off story to tell. So expecting or pinpointing a release date for a sequel is tough. The audience at that time was not very interested in this film. Unless Netflix continues to show interest in the film despite the poor reviews and strong streaming count. Even the three stars who play the main characters of this film will probably be busy. Gina Rodriguez has three projects in production with one coming soon. Ariana Greenblatt who plays Matilda has two projects coming up. Lucius Hoyos has the TV series in pre-production. So taking all this into account, Awake 2 may be close to releasing next year or even need more than that if it’s confirmed.

Awake 2 Plot – What Can a Movie Follow?

The plot for Awake can go three ways. Let’s start with the original introduced in the first film with our main character finding the cure. Awake initially sees the world facing an apocalypse that wipes out electronics and humans’ ability to sleep. Meanwhile scientists and the military are working hard to prevent insomnia that could wipe out humanity. Princess Jill is one of the few who can actually sleep. The end of Awake sees Jill’s son Noah fiddling with electronics and electrocuting himself. This resulted in him dying for some time and returning with the ability to sleep. This becomes clear when they observe that even Matlida dies briefly in the river at the beginning of the film.

Story To Wake Up 2

From The Official Trailer Of Awake Featuring Ariana Greenblatt as Matilda Adams

So the kids test the theory with their mother Jill when she nearly dies by drowning him. Then quickly saves him while Noah performs CPR. The film closes with us hearing a gasp. So we can assume Jill survived and it’s possible the family has the actual cure. This is to die for a moment. After all, if Awake 2 ever saw the light of day, we might see families sharing drugs with the world or even loved ones. It could also cause outrage if the government decides to take another path by sharing secrets. This can cause them to hide from scientists and the military to protect themselves.

The second possible way Awake 2 could be with a new character dealing with insomnia and its effects. Telling stories in other parts of the world. People who don’t have a single hope or anyone around who can sleep like the first movie. Lastly, we can expect the film to unfold by ending the insomnia of the world and having a few survivors. But perhaps some other catastrophe has overtaken the insomnia world. This all might come true if there was an Awake 2 in the making.

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