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Since the Eledian battle ended, Attack on Titan Season 4 has revealed the truth about the past. Gabi and Falco are looking for Zeke, who they think betrayed them. They finally met the South Marleyan, who warmly welcomed them into their home. Kaya went with Falco and Gabi to a city that was destroyed by the Titans four years ago. Kaya learns that the Titans killed her parents from Falco.

The citizens question Hange about why Eren was arrested, and he tells them. He goes to the room that has people exposing Eren’s arrest. He told them that they would be punished for spreading the word to the public. Meanwhile, Armin wanted to touch the ice statue inside his partner, but another soldier stopped him. Hitch tells Armin that dear customer, we’re sorry, but there shouldn’t be any touch here. Armin replied that Titan’s memories were often triggered by physical contact.

Attack on Titan Episode 13 Release Date

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13 will be released on Monday, March 8, 2021, 12:10 PM JST on Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, Funimation, and Netflix. More truth about Eren will be released on Sunday. You can check the previous epodes and the latest developments below.

Previously on Attack on Titan Episode 12

Armin commented that he thought he might get some important information from the frozen comrade. Hitch moves closer to Armin, who says he’s not thinking of anything bad or anything. Hitch comments that he knows people will come looking for Annie’s valuable information. He saw Annie frozen, and Armin asked Hitch not to stop him from coming here. Hitch replied that he would never do that.

He also said that he believes Annie is bored just as a chat partner. Hitch looks at the frozen Annie and comments that she’s just sleeping and why Annie is so popular. The two of them left the room and walked together, talking about Annie. Hitch reveals that he doesn’t mind Yelena bonding with Annie.

Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4

He asks Armin if he knows about what’s going on in the world. Armin said yes, and he gave the papers to find out what happened. Armin discovers that the military continues to hold power and is unfairly detaining Eren Yeager. Attention to the military is at a boiling point. The military refuses to reveal why Eren was arrested, and the citizens are unhappy about it. Previously, when Kiyomi visited Heaven Island, Eren didn’t accept Zeke’s idea.

New Old Empire

Hange and the others agreed and decided to rest Eren and the other soldiers. Zeke’s idea came from Kiyomi whose eye is making money. Eren refuses to accept because it will affect the lives of children, families and livestock. Hange had no choice but to betray Eren. The truth about Eren’s arrest will soon be revealed.

Armin continues to read that the military can’t even reveal the whereabouts of Zeke or the Rumbling. Suddenly, Armin and Hitch witness the citizen protests. They say that only Eren can save Eldia. Only Yeager can avenge our citizens being eaten; The new Old Kingdom couldn’t exist without Eren Yeager. One of the soldiers arrives and asks Hitch to help them stop the protest. Hitch head to help them complain that it’s more work.

Mikasa arrives and starts talking to Armin, and the two of them are planning something. They thought they couldn’t waste this opportunity because it was the last. But they noticed that a new member of the survey corps was hired. Mikasa wonders why the new corps is here at headquarters. While Yelena is with Commander Dot Pixis, she tells him that she met Eren the other day. Yelena says she has apologized for hiding Eren until now.

Underground Cell

Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4

Yelena told Pixis she knew there was reason enough for her to hold back the volunteers. Pixis said Yelena didn’t act like her. Yelena said she used to think Pixis and its people didn’t know what the world was like. He also said it would be too late if they continued to postpone discussions. Yelena told Eren if they had the same concern as her. Pixis asks if that’s the reason Yelena advised Eren to infiltrate Marley to force the military into action.

Yelena replied that she doesn’t do things like that, but that she thinks the military government needs encouragement. The two of them continued to talk about Eren and how Yelena used to meet Eren in secret. He reveals the truth about the meeting with Eren and the Founder. He thought that Founder Eren was the key to destroying Marley. But Eren delivered the big shot they were hoping for and the holy punishment Marley suffered.

Yelena said the world would change, and she wanted to see it happen when she was beside the brother. Then the Supreme Commander’s room exploded. The commander is sent flying and falling in front of the citizens who say it is their time to fight. The soldier reveals that Eren Yeager has escaped from the underground cell. They started looking for it. Eren met his new crew waiting for him, and they dressed him and told him about the bomb.

Read how Gabi and Falco met the South Marleyan Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 12.

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