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Falco hears Gabi’s scream, and he goes there to find out the reason. She found him rolling over a bad scream. Falco asks Gabi what happened and one of the soldiers came to help them. Gabi hit the man who helped him, and he died instantly. Falco held her back trying to calm her down. Gabi runs outside, and Falco follows her, and she asks if she plans to run away. Gabi replied that the people were trying to kill them.

Falco said the people were worried about Gabi’s health. Gabi tells Falco that they must not trust the demon. He also told Falco that they couldn’t even believe in Zeke. Reiner awakens in the prison and reveals that he has heard the voices of Gabi and Falco. He wonders where Gabi and Falco are. At the same time, the two of them made it to the pool. They rest there and drink water to keep it flowing.

Episode 12 will be released on Monday, March 1, 2021, at 12:10 PM JST. You can watch and stream Attack on Titan on Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, Funimation, and Netflix.

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Previously in Episode 11

Falco is happy they made it this far. He asked Gabi to take off his captain’s armband. Gabi replied that there was no ordinary citizen who did not know what the armband meant. Falco said the soldiers would notice, and he replied that no soldiers could be found in the countryside. He worries that if Gabi continues to wear the captain’s armband, people will find out about it, and they will be caught.

Falco says they don’t even know how to get back to Marley. Gabi reveals that he will not return, and he wants to find Zeke. He wanted to question Zeke before he was captured and killed. Gabi wonders if Zeke betrayed them or Marley. He wanted to know why Zeke did what he did. Gabi told Falcoto to do what he could, and he shouldn’t follow him. Falco said he had accepted it, but he took off the armband.

Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4

South Marleyan

He took off the captain’s armband, and Gabi pinned it to the ground. He tells her to return it, and Falco says there’s nothing good about it. Gabi replied that he was a good Eldian, and without the armband, he was the same as the island demons. He grabbed the captain’s armband and told Falco to leave him alone. Gabi tells Falco that he shouldn’t follow him as there is no reason for him to die. Suddenly a woman appeared, asking what they were doing.

Gabi wanted to hit him with a rock because he was afraid a woman would report them. But he welcomed them into his home and offered them food. Gabi sees the horse and tells Falco they can use it to escape. Falco told him to relax; he will handle everything. Gabi comments that he won’t eat food with the demons, but Falco assures him. While they were inside, the housekeeper asked Izzat who the two of them were.

Falco says she is Ben and Gabi is Mia, and the man asks if they ran away from the house. He realized that this was a South Marleyan family after hearing their accents. Falco said that he was Mia’s brother, and many things happened that made them run away from their parents. He asked the landlord to allow them to stay for a few days, and they would be of any help. They greeted them, but they were surprised by Gabi’s behavior.

First Flying Ship

Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4

Meanwhile, Kiyomi has just concluded a deal with Dhalis. Kiyomi congratulates Dhalis on the success of his campaign against Marley. He also said that the leader of Hizuru had nothing but praise for the courage shown by the Eldians. Dhalis commented that Kiyomi’s words respected him. He also said welcome to the most dangerous island in the world. Kiyomi says their goal is to see the danger firsthand.

Dhalis asked him if he saw that the Observation Unit had heard so much about it. Kiyomi answered yes, saying that this was the world’s first flying ship, using iceberg rock as fuel. They will take a good look at the power of Rumbling above it. At the same time, Hange was asked by the residents why Eren Yeager was in prison. They also asked why all the volunteers were arrested. Hange leaves them, telling them that things have changed in the world they live in.

Inside the building, Hange questions the crew who leaked information about Eren. They tell him why they did it, and he tells them that he made sure that Zeke’s plan would work out. He tells them that they will be prosecuted for the crime of leaking information about Eren. At the same time, Falco and Gabi run into Kaya, who shows them his city which was attacked by the Titans four years ago.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 12 Preview

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