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90 Day Fiance, an American reality show that has entertained millions of viewers, and its premiere is almost over in close to a decade. This show has always been in the spotlight and has caused controversy at times, but whatever the circumstances, it is loved by the millions of fans who have gathered in recent years. As of now, this is one of the best reality shows in progress which is getting popular day by day, and over time, the fans keep increasing gradually, and the number of viewers is also increasing, making it a blockbuster event.

90 Day Fiancé Spoiler

Mike and Natalie

Performance Concept

This reality show is based largely on the K1 visa process, and this visa gives permission to the partners of any United States citizen who is not a citizen of the United States to travel to the United States and live with their American partner. This K1 visa gives visa holders a period of 90 days. In these 90 days, they have to make arrangements and all discussions for their marriage because after getting this visa, they have signed documents of marriage to their American spouse within 90 days and less. They have to follow it at any cost.

If they don’t follow it, then they will have to leave the country after 90 days, and their visas will be canceled. The couple faced many challenges and problems including language barriers, cultural challenges, and longing. Many couples have experienced this and have been a part of this reality show, and today in this article, we are going to talk about the “Mike & Natalie ‘couple who had some complications, and now fans want to know that it is they are still together or have been. split up, and we have all the details about them.

'90 Day Fiance 'Spoiler: Are Mike and Natalie Together Or Have They Separated?

Mike and Natalie Close-Up

How were they in the beginning?

Truth be told, when Natalie and Mike appeared on the show’s seventh season, their journey didn’t really entertain viewers at all, and most of them believed they wouldn’t go this far; after all, they have many big differences between them. Natalie is vegetarian, but Mike is not, Natalie is very religious, but Mike believes in Aliens, and most importantly, Natalie is a modern city girl while Mike is a more rural person as she has spent most of her life in a rural lifestyle and this is a cause for concern.

So considering all this, fans of this reality show were not that happy after seeing Mike and Natalie again in season 8 because they expected them to disband soon because they didn’t get along, according to fans. Since most of them predicted a breakup for the two of them, their comeback shows positive light and hope for their relationship. But what actually happened? Are they both nearly separated, or already separated, or still happy together? You will find answers to all of these questions here only.

'0 Days Fiancee Mike And Natalie Together Or Have They Separated?

90 Day Fiance Featuring Mike And Natalie

The Final Verdict: Are They Together or Separated?

Without wasting time on all the fans of this show who just wanted to know what really happened, we wanted to provide them with straightforward and simple answers to their questions. Yes, it’s true that Mike and Natalie are almost completely separated, and even after some serious trouble, Natalie even returns the ring Mike had given her while proposing in front of Effiel’s Tower, but if it happens. ends well then all is well, and this is all that happens in their case.

It is believed that the two had been secretly married in a church in the United States, and they have not clearly answered it, but they were seen in different locations with the crew of this show, and it is a clear answer that they have not. separated and they are still together even after facing many problems in their relationship. Natalie has been given 20 days for her K1 visa to expire, and it is hoped they will make it clear that the two are getting married soon. So this is the final verdict that the two are still together. You can see the couple TLC.

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