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In the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, The main enemy has a 75% rating for the Adam Egypt Mortimer film Archenemy; Based on 51 reviews, with an average rating of 6.2 / 10. Understanding criticism website reads: “The main enemy failed to follow up on some of the more interesting ideas. However, Joe Manganiello’s best performance; And the raw energy contagious from the image makes for a fun action adventure. “Metacritic announced a score of 57 out of 100 based on seven critic reviews, which indicates” mixed or average reviews “.

This film was made on the basis of a love for comics as a child and also as an adult. This story was written by Mortimer created with Lucas Passmore.

Archenemy Movie Review- Super Hero Movie Review!

Enemy: Super Hero Movie.

However, the plot is very predictable; Audiences expect something different. We live in the Marvel and DC eras, but Archenemy doesn’t live up to its expectations. We can say that the film is disappointing because it is a superhero film, And we tend to compare it to other superhero films, and it is far from that.

Movie Says

This film tells the story of a storytelling family whose son investigates a homeless drunkard, who is thought to have super powers. However, the family dynamic was very sudden. That goes for the Indigo workplace, where a clan called Manager (Glen Howerton) commands, well, which is strengthened bad guy crew. In a cameo as a coke businessman with a sharp wire crown tattooed on his scalp, comic book actor Paul Scheer explains that authenticity is not the goal.

Or, the film will have a smooth 80s vibe, even though it has room for an anime comedy that looks cooler than the animation that hit American cinema screens in that decade. This progression (which seems fit to see under influence) follows a planet called Chromium, which is endangered by the super villain Cleo until the almighty Max Fist “punches particles to create a vortex” in “the silence between space and time”: Fist completes the threat. Cleo who destroyed the planet but, in doing so, was removed from its dimensions. Helpless on our plane, he lives on the street and spends a lot of time telling visitors at the dive bar about his accomplishments. Inevitably, this film gives an 80s nuance because the animation and storyline also feels primitive.

Level up

As the film progressed, the rate of disappointment increased. Even a superhero costume looks like a Halloween costume. No hard feelings Adam but please “Level Up”.

The sound effects are also inspired by a dog- “Growing.” Growl makes Batman Christian Bale sound embarrassed, Manganiello stumbles and scoffs and digs fries out of the trash. His rolling fists appealed to Hamster, who first encountered a large lug when he knocked hell out of a stone wall on the trail. He may or may not understand the story of Fist starting to spread. However, she immediately grabbed it and shot a video of her bursts of passion, calling it “splash-worthy.” He was pretty sure he could get this loons for the full-time show on Trendible, and his supervisor agreed. (One million unemployed or permanent commentators now feel queasy.)


The film is cut in the comic book style of Max’s past on Chromium. The montage is a capable kaleidoscope of vivid blues, purples, and pinks, visually checking if it is a bit difficult to follow and relates to the process in the field. As Hamster and Max form a name for themselves with 9-to-5 bored wanting to pull out spreadsheets, Indigo matches up with the syndicate kingpin (Paul Scheer) to climb into the company. Scheer, who has the tattoo and Speedo in red, is a bit of comedic relief and also appears to be in a separate film from the rest of the crowd. After the meeting turns ill-fated, Indigo takes a large amount of money, and, just like that, he’s on the run.


The manager (Glenn Howerton), an unauthorized and ominous name if any, and his crew eventually track down Indigo and his money. However, Max achieved that feat, at least for now. At this point, Max is a viral response, turning into a kind of Robocop Ralph Lauren; And gave himself and the Hamster new things for the battles to come. With Indigo and Hamster on their way, Indigo decides to pull over to the side of the trail for a nap which is NOT A GOOD STEP IF A DRUG CONTROL is following YOU.

Things go awry as fate and the past collide, with Cleo (icy-cold Amy Seimetz), Max’s previous lover on Chromium. Come to help explain how Max appeared on Earth and what the future of the city will look like. So, you could say that the film has potential. But can’t deliver. Apart from Manganiello, his acting is quite below standard. Budget feels really low. It’s fine if it has better character development. I hope someone more suited to storytelling takes this idea and carries on with it.

Audience Reviews

This film received mixed reviews from the audience. For example, one of the views says, “I don’t want to spoil it, but I would say it’s a lot of fun. There is a lot of action for that. There are many things that happen where the characters are simply blown away; You don’t know what will happen. It’s stylish, and if you’re a little tired like I Am of all the polished, over-the-top superhero films that have come out in the last 20 years, this might be right in front of you. Let’s start with the positives. I enjoyed this film. I love puzzle boxes. The mystery of not knowing what was going on was astonishing. “

This is the first good review I read of the film. Thinking from this audience’s point of view, if we don’t compare this film to other superhero films, then Archenemy is doing well. We can actually use this film as a respite from all the cliché superhero flicks. We can also take into account the fact that this superhero is neither a doctor nor an owner of a company. He is a ragged person on the street and comes to help a boy who needs his help.


There is no doubt that the cast is amazing. They live in the characters, and the movies live in them. In one of the interviews, the director said that superhero films still keep the boy alive, and directing him is his dream come true. He added to his statement that if an adult behaved like a child, they would be prosecuted.

But only superheroes or animation give you the freedom to be the child you want to be. He said the film was very close to his heart because the protagonist was a homeless drunkard, and he was a victim of alcoholism. But he conquered it, and now he is here. He said that overcoming addictions will make you a superhero because you will learn a lot in the process. You will be destroyed a thousand times, but you have to live because this is why we are destroyed on this earth. (chuckles)


There is a traumatic story behind every superhero, and the director’s real-life story inspired this film’s trauma story. When we pay attention to the insights, we can say that the film is emotionally rich and does a great job. In fact, on the surface, the film is still unable to compete in the competition for superhero films that have existed before. Marvel and DC will become Marvel and DC. In short, we can say that the film is fine, but still, the screening deserves to be better.

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