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This week, The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 8 witnessed the end of the receptionist rankings battle with Lola as the winner. Noir finally makes it to the academy, but it looks like the anime is going to slow down a bit. This time there is a ridiculous bet between the receptionist, and Noir just wants to help Lola. This made him enter a competition to collect rare items in the dungeon. Since Lola only has a handful of explorers on his team, Noir has to find a lot of valuables.

This took him back to the dungeon, and while he was level 7, he encountered another event. He had to help a certain tree spirit deal with the monsters that were constantly depleting his magic. It seemed almost impossible because Noir had a very low level and skills compared to that monster. The anime focuses mostly on Noir exploring dungeons, and there are hardly any intense battles.

So there aren’t many protagonists, but the dungeon seems quite dangerous. And with Noir who has great sage skills. We hope that most of his adventures will be easy. In the latest episode, Noir managed to get a strong ally from the dungeon. Toramaru, who could not even be identified by Noir’s sharp eyes. But in the end, Toramaru is not hostile and wants Noir’s help to find his fellow friends. It was the beginning of their relationship, but this time Noir had to go to the dungeon alone.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 9 will be broadcast at the end of next week. The new episodes will be broadcast online on Crunchyroll as usual. So we’ll be able to see what happens next for Noir as the anime nears its end.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Could Enter Episode 8: Lola Wins Receptionist Ranking

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Could Enter Episode 8

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Could Enter Episode 8

The anime’s final episode focuses on the receptionist rank battle Lola really needs to win. So Noir wants to help him by collecting more rare items from the dungeon. As usual, this led him to the dangerous monsters in the level 7 dungeon. So he had to return to the drawing board after realizing that the monsters he was going through were too strong. But in the end, he came up with a good strategy.

Since that level was filled with many powerful monsters, he intended to provoke them into fighting with each other so he would finish off whoever survived. This almost backfired, but thanks to the new skills he had acquired, he was able to successfully use the situation to his advantage. When he finally defeated the monster, the tree spirit in the form of a young girl rewarded him with the greatest item.

Well, the rest is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s interesting to see that Noir wins by just one coin difference. And now that the ranking battle has ended, the anime will move on to another adventure in the next episode. This anime has been simple from the start. And it won’t run as long as the first season only has 12 episodes, so this means only four episodes left.

Noir appears as a weak character without clear combat abilities. But because the anime revolves around the use of magic, it’s closed. Her use of magic was extraordinary, and since she was mostly fighting monsters in dungeons, she probably wouldn’t encounter human enemies right away. He also has Toramaru by his side, who seems overpowered.

Possibilities of Exploring Other Hidden Dungeons

As the anime name suggests, it is mostly about exploring dungeons. There are many hidden dungeons, but currently Noir is only exploring one hidden dungeon. The anime has a slow build-up in its storyline, so we probably won’t be seeing another hidden dungeon anytime soon. Also, in order for Noir to move to the next dungeon, it looks like he wants to conquer dungeons one by one. So he had to finish what he explored first. So with just four more episodes left, we’ll quickly find out how season one will wrap things up. Meanwhile, you can also take a look at anime update.

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