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Meliodas finally discovered the demon king’s weakness in Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 8 when he tried to return to the real world. This week saw the holy war come to a climax with everyone now back at war. In the previous episode, we saw Gowther’s magic active, but it backfired and ended with Estarossa, later revealed to be Mael, trying to kill everyone. But now, everything is finally settled, and Mael joins the seven deadly sins in their final battle.

Ban also managed to return safely and intends to save Elaine before he can rejoin his comrades in the final confrontation with the first demon. But now that we know that Meliodas and Zeldris have shared interests, it’s unclear why Melidoas fought the angels. But Zeldris and Melidas appear to have a tricky deal, so we won’t know for sure until Meliodas returns.

It may be as early as the next episode has Melidas finally awakened his true power and even defeated the demon king. Ban has arrived at Elaine just in time and has traded his immortality for Elaine’s life, so Ban will soon rejoin mortal sin. The first demon seemed too strong as now Zeldris was just watching while Chandler and Cusack fused to become the first demon.

Merlin and company were now standing before the first demon and were going to fight him head on. Before they could be combined into the first Demon, Chander Cusack and Zeldris barely stood alone before Merlin combined her spell with Escanor. Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 5 broadcast next week with more developments. The episodes will be available for streaming Netflix but for a limited area.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 8: Meliodas and the Prohibition of Purgatory

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 8

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 8

Meliodas and Ban finally stand in front of the Demon Lord, who is guarding the way back to the real world. And as we expected, they didn’t stand a chance of winning at first. It took them more than 68 years of fighting in Purgatory to finally find the demon lord’s weakness. But because time flows differently in Purgatory, this only means a few hours in the real world. They also took Wild with him, but only after his sacrifice were they able to find an opening to sneak through the demon lord.

It’s still not enough for them to make a clean escape, with the demon lord reaching out to Melidas on his way back. It managed to awaken her latent strength and was finally free from the shackles of the demon king. Ban hasn’t been around to witness this since he left Meliodas, still fighting the Demon Lord. But he seems to have a lot of faith in Melidoas and believes that he will return to the real world no matter what.

Ban arrives first in the real world and rushes to save Elain. Meanwhile, along with Mael, the remnants of sin head to where the first demon was before it could rampage. Escanor and his group seemed exhausted. But they can hold the unit by themselves. Mael and his group came to their rescue, and we will most likely see him in the next episode. Ban managed to save Elaine at the very last moment, so this meant that their battle would be over soon. So Ban must immediately join the battle against the first demon. Meliodas finally made it back to reality, so he had to appear next.

Meliodas Emerged From His Sleep

With many strong characters appearing in the same place at once, this meant that the first demon was truly strong as only Zeldris and the first demon remained as the last to stand before the seven deadly sins which proved too strong. Meliodas had also awakened his latent power, so he had to come back stronger than before. Mael, who has also come to his senses, is on a journey with King, who has also awakened his true power.

Now with all these individuals gathered in one place, we can only wonder what the final confrontation will be like. But the season is still in its early episodes, so maybe there’s more left to tell. So, for now, let’s look forward to what happens next when Meliodas finally awakens to his true strength. Further updates on our weekly anime guide: anime news updates.

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