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Keyaru continued his plan of getting revenge in Redo of Healer Episode 7 as more obstacles kept appearing in his path. He had kidnapped a royal princess and made her one of his followers using healing magic. This anime has introduced a different aspect to healing magic and shows how Keyaru can use it. Keyaru recently demonstrated that by using healing magic, you can do almost anything. This includes healing the world and time itself to the point where he can repeat his past.

In his previous life, he was a slave to the royal prince, but thanks to his healing powers, he managed to turn things around quickly and he is now at the pinnacle of this new world. Norm is the only one who realizes that Kuyaru is only acting and has recovered in his previous life. But he told her to look after her sister, who was a royal princess at the time. So they seemed to have agreed at that time.

But now that Keyaru has used his magic to repeat this incident, Norm is still a thorn in Keyaru’s plan. Furthermore, he intended to take matters into his own hands. He was aware of most of the things that were happening. Keyaru also assured the public that Flare’s daughter was on his side.

Norm wants to punish his younger brother for siding with Keyaru, who is only known for his evil deeds. It is not clear whether Norm has noticed the change in the timeline carried out by Keyaru’s magic. Redo of Healer Episode 8 will then see how Norm intends to deal with Keyaru now that he’s ready to take him down. This episode will be available online for streaming HIDIVE with English subtitles.

Redo of Healer Episode 7: Keyaru’s Next Step

Redo of Healer Episode 7

Redo of Healer Episode 7

Norm had planned to ambush Keyaru at a public battle arena where he presented Keyaru’s villagers as bait. So the catch is that Keyaru will come to save them, then he will activate barrier magic to catch him. The kingdom didn’t plan on letting the villagers survive at all. Norm had already given them poison before they appeared in the arena. So Keyaru managed to take note of this right away and set up a plan.

He makes use of the public in the arena to show how the kingdom has evil plans. He also sent Flare to get angry at the barrier so it was the opposite of what he was supposed to do. Instead of draining its strength when activated. The barrier drained the strength of all the royal soldiers.

Then Keyaru has a public broadcast about Flare, the princes whom Keyaru says were killed and fled the kingdom. Flare introduces himself and how he realizes that Kindom has evil deeds. The flares turned the public around, and now they all believe that the kingdom is evil. Things are going well for Keyaru this time. But this only makes Norm even more cocky about taking him down.

Norm has come up with a plan so that he will face Keyaru on his own. So we’ll quickly see how much of Keyaru’s remake he knows about. It is not surprising to find out that he knows about Keyaru’s true magic and how he has brainwashed the princess. In fact it will make things even more interesting as it means that Keyaru has finally met someone who will be able to beat him. Redo of Healer has followed the same path as most anime with mastered MC. And until recently, Keyaru had done it with ease.

Builds up to Next Episode and Updates.

Next, we’ll take a look at Keyaru’s first encounter with Norm since he applied his magic and relived his life. This seems already interesting, so we’re eager to find out what Norm has in store for Keyaru. But we’re still not sure what Keyaru will do next, it looks like he’s done with the Kingdom for now. With only seven episodes so far, the anime has just passed the midpoint of the season.

This season will only have 12 episodes, so going forward, we’ll see how Keyaru wants to continue with his plans for revenge. For more anime news, you can check out us weekly updates to get the full schedule and see which anime episodes are releasing this week.

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