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Subaru faces his foes in the final battle for the defense of the mansion in Re Zero Season 2 Episode 21. Re Zero Season 2 is on his way to his second trial coming to an end. So the battle to save the mansion will be the last for this season. Re Zero season 2 debuted last year, and it was announced that it will be a split cour season. Well this time, Re Zero Season 2 Part 2 is followed by the second second cour anime which is currently in episode 9.

Re Zero Season 2 part 1 only has 13 episodes, so Re Zero season 2 part 2 continues. This will leave Re Zero season 2 having 25 episodes when it ends in the following months. Looks like Subaru is playing all his cards this time. Things went well for him the last time he tried to free the shelter. And now, if he saved that mansion, then everything would get in his way.

Roswaal, on the other hand, wanted to see Subaru and still thought that he had very little chance of saving the mansion and holy place. But he had already done half the job, and now that he had to save the mansion, then he would be finished. Meanwhile, Emilia is still having her trial at the shelter. But unlike last time, he looked great with only a few trials remaining.

The battles within the mansion were too fierce, and all Subaru could do was escape this time. He still had to convince Beatrice to fight back because he had lost all hope. Re Zero Season 2 Episode 23 will be broadcast next week on Crunchyroll with English subtitles.

Re Zero Season 2 Episode 22: The Final Battle at The Mansion

Re Zero Season 2 Episode 22

Re Zero Season 2 Episode 22

Subaru and his allies have to get past some tough opponents if they want to save the mansion. With Roswaal being the last person they might face, but in the meantime, Subaru intends to recruit Beatrice to his side instead of him just waiting for Roswaal to get his way and destroy the mansion. Beatrice will be a valuable ally in this battle, so it all depends on whether Subaru will succeed in recruiting her or not.

He also managed to gain Garfiel’s trust, but that came after he managed to save a shelter and made Garfiel realize that he had to go there and find his mother and sister. Now they had also found Garfiel’s sister, who had also joined them. But with the battle at the mansion at its early stages, it was hard to tell which way things would turn out.

We already know that the season will end in the next three episodes, so if anything, Subaru and his gang will have to win back the mansion before that. So it was likely that things would be over then because now people like Beatrice were simply denying the reality because they were similar to Roswaal. Subaru’s strength especially allows him to have a mother who goes to events he failed before like she was brought back to life in the past and then corrects whatever she wants.

However since Re Zero Season 2 has tried his best, things will only be a bad story if he fails again this time around. With his strength and given that he had experienced this before, he should have a better chance of success. But that’s not the case, and he keeps failing again and again. Hopefully this will be the last time.

Subaru and the Future Mansion

The next episode will see the next phase of the battle underway when it releases next week. So we’ll see how Subaru and his team will change their situation. Roswaal hasn’t moved yet, so it’s also interesting to see what he will do next. The anime will reach the end of this month, so there isn’t much available for this season. But after Subaru saves the mansion, then a season will probably wrap up for us, and then we’ll see the consequences of this season-long battle.

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