Anime In the Land of Leadale Scheduled for January 2022 (Article Ready)


The anime In the Land of Leadale will premiere in early January 2022. The anime will be included in the anime list at Anime Winter 2022. The anime is based on a Japanese light novel series illustrated by Tenmaso and written by Ceez. The anime was serialized online between November 2010 and December 2012 on a user-generated novel publishing website. Enterbrain has published six volumes as of January 2019, and the light novel is licensed in North America by Yen Press.

The manga adaptation has been serialized online via ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki PlayStation Comic Web website since July 2019. The manga is collected in two tankobon volumes. Maho Films is adapting the anime tv series, which will premiere in January. The anime “In the Land of Leadale” is known by its alternative Japanese name as “Leadale no Daichi nite.” An anime adaptation was announced in February 2021 and at Kadokawa Light Novel Expo 2020.

It was revealed that In the Land of Leadale is a television series animated by Maho Film. Takeyuki Yanase is the series and script director supervised by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. Toshihide Matsudate, Eri Kojima, and Kaho Deguchi are designing the characters. Crunchyroll licensed the series. Anime includes Caerick, Keina Kagami, Skargo, Mai-Mai, Caerina, Kartatz, Lyt, and Luine. A tragic accident occurs, and Keina Keigamai gets life support in the aftermath, but her only freedom comes from the VRMMO RPG Leadale.


One day Keina’s life support system dies, and she meets her end. After two hundred years in the future, Keina wakes up in a town called Leadale. Keina is a high elf who lost her skills, but she has amazing stats. He decided to establish a relationship with the inhabitants of the new world. Surprisingly a new world citizen was created by Keina, who started with an adventure in the game world. This anime is also available on the official website and Indonesia Account.

Caerick is a skilled merchant fairy who runs a sizable Sakaiya company with businesses all over the world. Caerick spent fifty years building a trading network. The network fell to pieces after the seven countries became three. They considered him the founding father of the Merchants Guild. He likes to do tricks, but he is not a corrupt merchant.

In the Land of Leadale

In the Land of Leadale

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Canya is always annoyed by Caerick’s tricks and behavior, but they begin to understand each other and help each other. Caerick is worried that his twin brother is not married, and he is looking for someone to marry him. Canya is known as Keina Kagami, born in a wealthy family. After a tragic incident, Keina’s parents died, and she lived on a life support machine. Keina loves playing VRMMORPG World of Leadale. After his death, his Keina is revived in the game world in the next 200 years.

Shargo is an elf raised to specialize in healing holy magic. He has an illness recovery and a physical buff status. Shargo is an expert in using Oscar-Roses Scatter with Beauty. Shargo was popular and served as High Priest. He was one of the most influential people in the Felskeilo Kingdom. Sargo liked his mother to the point of fanaticism. Mai Mai is an elf who works in the public service through the Fostering System. Mai has general Attack Magic.

For the past two hundred years, Mai had twins with her husband. But now she lives with a second husband, and she cannot bear children. Mai is the principal of the Felskeilo Royal Academy. In the past, he worked as a magician in the royal palace. When Mai is around her mother, she acts like she loves cats trying to get her mother’s attention.

Anime In the Land of Leadale premiere date

In the Land of Leadale is slated for January 2022. The anime will hit its first volume on screen in early January. The first volume will be the first to air on various official platforms and TV channels. The episode of the first volume is TBA and also the airtime. You can also view Fall down anime and Summer anime list with new upcoming events like this anime. We have collected more information and updates from sources like crispy.

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