Aneesh Tattikota’s original vizag shines brightly in Super Dancer Chapter 4

Small in stature, but high in achievement. Meet Aneesh Tattikota, the energetic 9 year old dancer from Vizag, who is among the 13 Super Dancer Chapter 4 super contestants. Aneesh owes his paternal roots to Vizag and frequents Vizag beaches on his annual summer vacation. Now as he celebrates his success, Yo! Vizag, in an exclusive chat with his mother, brings you his journey in this dance endeavor, and up the halls of Super Dancer Chapter 4.

Aneesh’s mother, Usha, never knew that the summer vacation ritual of sending her son to a dance school would cultivate a hidden talent for dancing in him. Aneesh Tattikota was just four years old when she began learning the graceful dance moves of Tollywood star Allu Arjun and legendary dancer Michael Jackson. While everyone was celebrating Aneesh making his way into the top 13 candidates for Super Dancer Chapter 4, Aneesh smiled wittily looking back on his two and a half year journey.

Aneesh Tattikota is a student of the Zero Degree Art Institute and has been a meritorious dancer since her newborn days. His training ground and an integral part of his sculpture comes from being a finalist in Dum Dama Dum Season 2.

Never before had a dance maestro stepped forward to mentor a contestant on the Super Dancer floor. Recognizing Aneesh’s unique talent, Akash Shetty, a renowned choreographer in Maharashtra’s Best Dancer Season 1, volunteered to work with this budding artist.

Another feather on her hat, Aneesh Tattikota is well versed with various dance forms and styles. A versatile dancer like Aneesh, she also follows contemporary dance and hip hop styles. Aneesh also practices past dance forms with swords and armor. While we wish him all the best for his journey in Super Dancer, it is worth noting that Aneesh Tattikota has completed his 4th grade, and has been balancing his academics well over the years.

Just as Vizag was celebrating Shanmukha Priya’s journey on Indian Idol season 12, a post from Aneesh Tattikota has given Vizagites even more reason to be proud.

It was truly a moment of pride for Vizag that two budding talents from the city represented him at the national level with their unrivaled skills.

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