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Anata no Ban Desu is an upcoming Japanese film also known as Your Time to kill featuring Harada Tomoyo and Tanaka Kei. The upcoming film is ready for release, reprising the role of the main character. Anata no Ban Desu has aired before, but in the form of a drama this time a comeback with a new plot in the form of a film.

The upcoming Japanese film Anata no Ban Desu is a story about two main characters named Tezuka Nana and Tezuka Shota. Before the film, the story is shown in the form of a drama and also airs a special episode after it. The drama charter that was released in 2019 keeps coming back again and again due to its immense popularity. In the history of Japanese dramas, it became the number one Twitter trend worldwide during its broadcast. The drama even continues to experience a second season called the Anata no Ban Desu counterattack.

Season 1 The drama has a total of 10 episodes and airs on the NTV network every Sunday. The story of this drama tells the story of a married couple who recently moved into an apartment and attended a meeting of residents there as soon as there was a murder in the apartment and one by all the occupants was killed. Mystery dramas became so popular that they continued into the special episode and season 2 thereafter. This is also known as your turn or your turn to kill. These drama genres include romance, mystery, crime, and investigation.

Anata no ban desu

Anata no ban desu

Anata no Ban Desu Special released immediately after the first season, it only had one episode which aired on June 23, 2019 on the original networks NTV and Hulu. This special episode gives us a peek at the investigators behind season one and its incidents.

Season 2 from this drama titled Anata no Ban Desu – Counterattack, also known as Anata no Ban Desu 2, it’s your time to kill, and now it’s your turn. It is a continuation of the first season and has a total of 10 episodes, which aired from 30 June 2019 to 8 September 2019 every Sunday on the original networks Hulu and NTV. Show genres include romance, mystery, crime, and investigation.

The next installment of the Tezuka Nana and Tezuka Shots characters will be seen in the 2021 film titled Your turn to kill. The prediction is such that the story will not be a continuation of the previous works because the story will take place in a parallel universe. Akimoto Yasushi will be in charge of planning and writing the film, with screenwriting under Mitsunori Fukuhara and direction under Noriyoshi Sakuma.

The place to watch Anata no Ban Desu

The film will likely be available on previously aired original networks, such as Hulu and NTV, and its film genres will continue to be suspense, mystery, crime, romance, and investigation.

The cast of the film Anata no Ban Desu

As before, the main cast will remain the same as Harada Tomoyo as Tezuka Nana and Tanaka Kei as Tezuka Shota, with direction under Noriyoshi Sakuma and screenwriting under Mitsunori Fukuhara.

anata no ban desu

Cast of Anata no ban desu

Harada Tomoyo is a Japanese actress. We have seen Harada Tomoyo before in several dramas, movies and TV shows. His notable works include Anata no ban Desu, Destiny like love, Tobira no Mukou, Bread of Happiness, and The young of Kamiya Etsuko. She has appeared on many specials and is mostly active in dramas and movies.

Tanaka Kei is a Japanese actor, he is married to a sakura actress. She has been very busy working all this time, and until recently, continued her acting career without taking a break. His famous works include Anata no ban desu, Tobira No Mukou, love Ossan, Bittar, love Ossasn: LOVE or DEAD, and sango ranger.

Anata no ban desu (2021) Release Date

The expected release date of Anata no ban desu (2021) is approaching December 2021, the exact date has not been disclosed by the production. The film is currently in progress and will soon be releasing its first appearance.

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