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Here, we will discuss the details of American Greed Season 14 Episode 5. American Greed is the longest running television series on CNBC. This is an American documentary series that was first broadcast by CNBC on June 21, 2007. It is a business reality program that focuses on the story behind the notorious white collar and corporate crime. Additionally, it focuses on the biggest crimes in history and financial fraud involving WorldCom, CyberNET, HealthSouth, and Tyco International. Apart from that, the show also features low-level crimes including Ponzi schemes, murder for rent, bank robbery, medical fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and so on. The fourteenth season of the series will air on January 18, 2021. Like any other season, this season is filled with interesting stories and surprising cases.

American Greed Season 14 Episode 5 will air 15 February 2021, Monday at 10pm ET / PT on CNBC channel. The show was highly controversial because of its portrayal of law enforcement and its involvement in fighting fraud. The series mentions that many scams were discovered only after the large number of victims. Therefore, the series received criticism from the audience. However, the series is still quite popular with several awards. Kurtis Production Company produced the series for CNBC. Luke Bauer is the chief executive producer of American Greed. American actor Walter Stacy Keach Jr. narrates this series. American Greed presents a different story about a different group of characters in each episode. Therefore, we saw different actors in each episode, none of which appeared in other episodes.

American Greed Season 14

Season 14 Episode 4 Recap

The title of the episode is “The Downfall of the Opioid Mogul.” It aired on February 8, 2021, where the series depicts an opioid pandemic that is destroying the lives of millions of Americans. Among the deadly diseases is billionaire drug expert John Kapoor who humbles himself to earn more money.

The episode reveals his criminal charges as he is accused of bribing doctors to enter a dangerous drug called Subsys. However, we soon learned that the shady business goes back to the 1980s.

John Kapoor is the founder of InSys Therapeutics, an American pharmaceutical company. Since he started the company, he has been involved in dangerous deals when he created Subsys, a spray version of fentanyl. It is now one of the narcotics most at risk for addiction and possibly death.

The entire episode includes the testimony of former InSys vice president Alec Burlakoff who is in the middle of it all, making the episode even more interesting. He unhesitatingly reveals the dark side of the company. Although the series always includes statements from bosses and colleagues, Alec Burlakoff’s anecdotes reveal the most important part of the story.

However, the series makes it clear that the company is only functioning as the root of the poison tree. We also know about greedy doctors who prescribe their patients these drugs, making them very addicted. This episode reveals the heartbreaking story of a patient who goes beyond the limit of addiction.

The series reveals nearly everyone involved in a fraud in which doctors prescribed the drug to more than 500 people.

Also, the episode becomes much more intense and creepy in the second half of the episode. The series reveals John’s obsession with money because he has an incentive for doctors to prescribe higher doses to patients.

The episode reveals more and more shocking truths about illegal transactions from multi-billionaire companies that destroyed hundreds of lives.

American Greed Season 14 Episode 5 Spoiler

The title of the episode is “A Family Vanishes”. The theme of this episode is pretty self-explanatory as it will feature a story about a missing family.

This episode will portray four members of the McStay family. They all seemed to have vanished without a trace of their existence.

The series will feature a motorcyclist in the Mojave Desert who finds the bodies of family members in shallow graves.

A Family Vanishes reveals the shocking truth about family deaths. The series also features how a close friend of theirs is suspected of committing murder.

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