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In the previous episode, we saw how Laura tried to convince Liam to find Odin, namely Mr. Wednesday, how Wednesday and Tyrell met face to face. Will Laura really kill Mr. Wednesday? In the previous episode, we saw that this time he was very, very, very close to making it happen. Laura now has Odin’s spear; this made him stronger. The spear he had was basically the same as him, so using it would be very difficult. He was now completely confident and ready to do all he could to kill Mr Wednesday. American Gods Season 3 Episode 9 will immediately provide questions for all of these answers.

Will Laura be able to find success in Killing Odin? These questions will be revealed in the ninth episode. So if we lose the main character like Mr. Wednesday in this episode, it will change the story plot because the last season is yet to come. Either way, it’s pretty sure that Shadow will now cover up most of the story because something big could come up for him. Until now, she has tried everything to put her life together and live a normal life. But everyone knows whatever he does, his life is always a mess.

Spoilers for American Gods Season 3 Episode 8

American Gods Season 3 Episode 9

The eighth episode of season 3 of American Gods is titled ‘The Rapture Of Burning.’ This episode completely changed the plot of the season. It has revealed a lot and brought about a shift in power. The story revolves around Salim and Laura who arrive at the Grand Peacock Inn. When they reached the Peacock’s inn, they got separated from each other so that Laura could find Liam Doyle. On the other hand, when Salim is standing there silently, he goes to his past and fights against the devil within him. In the previous episode, we saw how infatuated with Mai, a handsome waitress. And in this episode, it ends up being a relationship. With this, Salim obtained a kind of spiritual awakening.

Meanwhile, in another part of the story, Laura tries to persuade Liam to help her find Odin’s spear. He can help her out by making use of Sweeney’s lucky coins. Finally, Liam agrees to help Laura but on one condition- He doesn’t want Laura to use any Weapons for violence or destruction. Laura also fights her internal crimes, and she gets a time where she finally realizes that Sweeney is dead and there’s nothing she can do about it. He went to the river and started sprinkling Sweeney’s ashes on the water. She Grieves! As he did so, Liam came up with a gun, spear, and handed it over to Laura so they could kill Mr. Wednesday.

In another part of the story, Drm Tyrell managed to kidnap Shadow and bring Shadow to a hiding place. He then called Wednesday. After that, the two of them met each other in the appearance of God Correct. As the two of them fight, Shadow stops them and distracts Tyrell so Wednesday can kill Tyrell. Wednesday then tells Shadow that he just has to fulfill his promise and be free to live a normal life, and then he disappears.

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American Gods Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date

The ninth episode of American Gods season 3 will premiere on Starz on March 14, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET. Season 3 will have a total of 10 episodes. This will be the second final episode of season 3 of American Gods before a possible grand ending.

The ninth episode of season 3 of American Gods is titled ‘The Lake Effect.’ In the last episode, Liam gives Laura a spear so they can plot to kill Wednesday. Therefore in the ninth episode, Laura will face Wednesday, and she will have the upper hand against him because she has a gun. While on the other hand, Shadow does not believe that he is so close to living a normal life like everyone else. But there was a high chance he could be drawn back to God’s conflict.

Where To Watch American Gods Season 3 Episode 9?

You can watch American Gods Season 3 Episode 9 online on Starz Network; therefore, the best way to watch it is by converting it to Starz network at any given time. If you are unable to do that, you will have to wait a while and then watch it on the official Starz website with your subscription. If you don’t have access to the Starz network, then you can watch it on various platforms such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, Direct TV, iTunes, Apple TV, Xfinity, Hulu Live TV, Philo TV. You can also watch the all-season’s other parties on Starz by subscribing via Amazon or Hulu.

Many questions were not answered in the eighth episode. It will be very interesting to see how Laura killed Mr. Wednesday if he does, how will Shadow revive his life, what will happen to Liam. This is only the 9th episode; The finals are not here yet.

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