Amazing Watches For Our Adult Audience: Death Parade Review

Death parade is a psychological anime that investigates a world where people end up after they die. Confused? We’ll explain it to you. Let’s first talk about how anime still tops the list of most watched, gore and horror. Death Parade has an interesting and tense premise. However, the only loophole of this anime is its second season.

The first season starts off on a promising note where the main protagonist is. He is the owner of the bar takes place in the first theme. He has to help everyone play the game so it is determined whether they deserve a place in hell or in heaven. Death Parade gives you an unrealistic understanding of true human nature. There is sharp dialogue scattered throughout the anime. Apart from that, this anime is just right for many other notes to share.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens After Death?

Death parade

The Parade of Death shows you the life that happens after death. Well, technically it wouldn’t be called life. But everyone wonders once in their life. What happened after your death? Do you end up being like a boiled egg while Satan cooks you in hell? Or do you end up receiving all the benefits that you have accumulated as karma points, in heaven?

The Death Parade begins during the show Desim, who’s the bartender or show protagonist. Decim is asked to get past their souls and have pity for each other while they are involved in various tournaments. There is bowling, darts and even an arcade cupboard. Every point scored by people and every mistake counted. This helps Decim to understand as they reveal their true selves while fighting for the afterlife. The Death Parade shows human nature and how cruel we are. Even after death, humans tend not to surrender or hand over their power to anyone.

Death Parade Is An Anime That Little People Talk About

Death parade

Besides that, Death Parade is like an anime that many people talk about. Ah, a man of culture like him?

When you first start watching this anime you tend to enter into a mute atmosphere and build the whole show. It can be difficult to understand how the show works. However, there are clues that need to be considered when watching. Unlike other anime, this shows the premise of the whole show from the start. Death Parade could be called one of the greatest productions if hard work was included. This amazing show has it all. From horror to gore, suspense to thriller, everything is absolutely right. Apart from that, these anime have taken the top position on the list.

If you are a fan of the SAW franchise, we are sure you will love this anime. In the SAW franchise, every player and participant is required to step up and take the game. Out of every 10 participants, only one can win the match. Death Parade follows the same plot. Here, the only difference is that every win has a price.

Who is Decim?

Death parade

Well, we talked about Decim but who is he? He is the only person from the show you can never forget. Death Parade provides you with a list of characters that you will pay attention to and possibly remember the entire show. Perhaps, the director has confirmed that half of the characters will make a cameo later in the second part of the series.

Decim is the white haired bartender from Parade who is only here to judge. Upon entering the afterlife via an elevator, each participant must head to Decim. It is he who decides whether you will stop at the gates of heaven or hell. However, there is another woman who follows Decim as well on his journey. The black haired woman was quite attractive throughout the show.

So is Decim human?

Um… no. Decim may not be human as there are many examples throughout the anime you will understand where they come from. But one thing is certain, Decim is here to help you judge a person’s true character.

Throughout the anime, you may feel sorry for some of the characters. You may think that they don’t deserve the hell that is chosen for them. However, that was not what the audience decided.

There are several mini episodes in the Death Parade which are not all of the greatest success. In one section, you will see God playing billiards with a barman. Oh, how amazing is that? But only when you look at the scenery will you discover the foolishness it has. The whole show was more like courtesy than anything. Tells the story of various characters who are introduced and ready to be brought to their fate.

Death Parade Points You’ll Love

In terms of art, Death Parade has the main score here. This anime art is amazing. There are fight scenes that you can catch that will surprise you.

Oh. If you are a fan of heavy metal music then Death Parade is the right choice for you. It comes with a lot of music that you will love. Besides, the anime’s opening track was groovy too.

The Parade of Death takes all the points here. This amazing anime has a confusing story that viewers will love. However, it also had many other points. Cool protagonist? Check. Hot hint? Check. Great intro? Check. Death Parade is definitely an eye candy for Decim. But you’ll find other reasons too once you start watching.

Final Verdict

After so many points have been stated, you can clearly understand that the Parade of Death is indeed vast, yes pass. This is the perfect anime for all action-horror lovers. If you have a lot of time to invest in your weekend party plans, give this anime a try. It will crawl through your nerves, make you gasp at the scene, and obviously, it comes with a huge Easter Egg.

Death parade

If you are a big fan Death note then this anime might be for you.

Have you ever wondered where Light ended up after he died from abusing the Death Note? If you don’t know the answer, try this anime.

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