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All Rise is a courthouse drama that follows the lives of judges, public defenders, and prosecutors. And how they live a chaotic yet hopeful life amid all the absurdities the courthouse brings. They work with other law enforcement powers to bring justice to the people of Los Angeles. Among them is the protagonist, Lola Carmichael who is the newly appointed judge. He is a highly respected deputy district attorney who intends to appeal for justice. And for that, he doesn’t sit still and instead pushes boundaries while leaning back and challenging his hopes as a judge.

Recap All Rise Season 2 Episode 8

Preview and Recap: All Rise Season 2 Episode 9

Lola about maternity leave.

The title of All Rise Season 2 Episode 8 “Bette Davis Eyes” sees Judge Laski presiding over Lola’s courtroom, 802 while she is on maternity leave. There are some deductions that require the jury to start saving. And Judge Benner is the one who takes all the pressure because he has to deal with layoffs and courtroom control. Unfortunately for Lola, however, Lasky had to endure because no one else could fill his position. But things got tense because everyone on Lola’s team hated him for his judgmental style and behavior.

Meanwhile, Lola plans to return to work early for fear of losing her job. But then pulled back after he got advice from his mother. Lastly, Mark steals a deer statue from Lasky’s room because Lola doesn’t like him in his office.

Samara Strong Case

Samara Strong, is suspected of murdering her husband.

Lasky will take on the case of Samara Strong, the Hollywood star of the eighties. She is accused of murdering her husband more than 30 years ago when sufficient evidence could not be found. Strong went on to win an award which meant it disappeared within hours of her husband’s death. And everyone believed that it was a murder weapon but it was not found anywhere. But now, it has been dug by the new home owner to find a match for her husband’s blood.

Then Mark meets Strong’s nanny who has written a book about the events. Read to hear that Strong killed her husband and daughter, Kelsey as witnesses. So, Kelsey was asked to go to the crime scene to commemorate the incident. But Nessa disagrees but is stopped by Lola. When Kelsey remembers her mother killing her father, she testifies. Dan Strong also confessed his crimes in order not to further hurt his daughter. The case is closed.

Preview and Recap: All Rise Season 2 Episode 9

Mark leads the case.

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When Will Season 2 Episode 8 Be Released?

From Season 2 to Episode 6, we’ve noticed how Simone Missick’s ‘All Rise’ has a frustrating scheduling pattern. But, unfortunately, this will continue as episode 9 has also been rescheduled. All Rise Season 2 Episode 9 titled ‘Safe to Fail’ will air this Monday on the 22ndnd February 2021. This episode will air at 9 p.m. ET. Make sure to change the time to your local time zone to watch the episodes as soon as they air. You can watch all episodes with All Rise on CBS, CTV, and Amazon Prime video. As for the repeated rescheduling, it could be due to the lack of mass-produced episodes due to COVID-19 restrictions. This can also be seen on another CBS show, Bull.

All Rise Season 2 Episode 9 Preview

Preview and Recap: All Rise Season 2 Episode 9

Emily defends a young man who is mentally ill.

All Rise Season 2 Episode 9 titled ‘Safe to Fail’ will be followed up with the events of the last episode. After ‘Bette Davis Eyes’, this episode will feature an important case. According to the synopsis, Episode 9 will feature a battle to determine the life of a mentally ill young man. He was brought before the court for assaulting his father. And we’ll see Emily and Sam on the case, but not together. This episode is sure to feature some very dramatic, intense, emotional, and exciting scenes for the show. Because both of them will fight with each other to determine what punishment should be given to the culprit. And the involvement of the mentally ill is bound to carry something interesting even involving the possibility of no punishment.

Elsewhere, Rachel will not do well due to financial difficulties. Hence, he sought help to bump into Mark and Amy’s place. During this stay, at some point, we’ll get to see a bit of romance between Mark and Rachel as their flames rekindle.

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