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The series “After” which started from 2019 has been quite successful with the target audience so far. The first two films, “After” in 2019 and “After We Collided” of 2020, achieved a lucrative fan base. Now, the story of Tessa Young and Hardin Scott continues with the upcoming third sequel entitled “After We Fell” which is ready to arrive in 2021. Fans were literally rewarded for Valentine’s Day. Voltage Pictures has decided to release the first teaser for the film which will be the third entry into the “After” series. The trailer has shown off a pretty hot film after the couple’s ups and downs in the previous two films.

The movie “After” is based on a collection of young adult books of the same name. These books are a world phenomenon written by Anna Todd. Aviron Pictures began releasing adaptations of the books in 2019. The films follow the story of the relationship between Tessa Young, played by Josephine Langford and Hardin Scott, played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin. So without any more adieu, let’s break down the trailer and everything from the plot, cast and release date of the upcoming third installment of the “After” series.

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First Teaser Footage for “After We Fell”

Okay, we’ll talk more about the film. But let’s start with the latest update as the studio has caught a glimpse of 2021’s “After We Fell”. The one-minute teaser trailer does celebrate Valentine’s Day with the world. It started with all the fingers steamy and cold. Tessa and Hardin are definitely taking their relationship to another level. Especially after their separation on “After We Collided”. But not all roses and flowers.

After We Fall: The Third Installment Of "After" Series

Screenshot of “After We Fell” First Teaser Trailer

The teaser immediately takes us into the problem the couple is facing. Especially with the part of them that opens up to each other. There are many trust issues surrounding having other people in their life. This made their relationship more difficult than before. The teasers so far suggest that the issue of trust is sure to take the couple in a darker direction which surely turns them against each other. After all, Tessa cries saying that Hardi trusts no one but controls everyone. You can check out the one-minute teaser trailer for “After We Fell” released by Voltage Pictures below.

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Release and Update Dates for “After We Fell”

Even though the first trailer was released, the release date is still unclear. But not too long. Although the exact date has not been disclosed, “After We Fell” director Castille Landon has confirmed that the film will premiere anywhere in 2021, one way or another. If that’s not enough, there is another sequel called “After Ever Happy” which will close the film. In fact, the two of them had filmed together. So, we might get two movies in a row.

After We Fall: The Third Installment Of "After" Series

Screenshot of “After We Fell” First Teaser Trailer

Hero and Josephine updated fans with a post on Instagram that the two films have officially finished shooting on December 18, 2020. They have promised that the film will bring all the sensation. On the other hand, the cast has worked really hard on both films in succession. Especially after the closure of the whole world because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. So they’re all out to the fans.

The Cast Returning

Well, of course, our two main leads are back with Josephine Langford as Tessa Young and Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Hardwin Scott. On the other hand, some new faces will join the team. Especially after a pandemic that caused several actors to leave the project. Chance Perdomo, known past his time on Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina” will join the cast for the role of Landon Gibson. Originally played by Shane Paul Mcghie in the previous two films.

True Blood’s Stephen Moyer will replace Charlie Weber as Christian Vance while Mira Sorvino (Romy and Michele High School Reunion) replaces Selma Blair as Carol Young. Additional cast members include Arielle Kebbel replacing Candice King (The Vampire Diaries) as Kimberly and Carter Jenkins in the role of Robert. Frances Turner is another makeover to replace Karimah Westbrook as Karen Scott. Finally, new additions will be seen in the “After” series. Kiana Maderia will play the role of Nora, a character we’ve never met.

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After We Fall – The Expected Plot

So, like all previous “After” films, “After We Fell” will also be based on the third book of the series of the same name. According to her book summary, Tessa will make the biggest decisions of her life. But at the most important moment, things started to change and fall apart. There were revelations about his family and then Hardin too. This revelation cast doubt on everything they had before. Now, their hard-won future is even harder to claim.

After We Fall: The Third Installment Of "After" Series

Screenshot of “After We Fell” First Teaser Trailer

Everything from family to friends, Tessa thought nothing of her. In the end, there was only one person he couldn’t rely on. It is Hardwin. But after learning that Tessa is keeping a big secret from her, rather than understanding, Hardwin becomes angry with her.

Tessa confesses the love Hardwin has for her. But, in the end, loving someone and being able to have them in your life are two different things. This cycle of jealousy, anger, and forgiveness becomes endless for them. Tessa has never been so intense with anyone or excited about anyone’s kiss, but this entire drama with Hardwin questions whether it’s worth it. Now, if Tessa follows her heart, the question is will the path for the two of them end now? We have to see the film for that.

At the end of the day, “After We Fell” definitely looks promising especially for book fans. For the last two films, despite the average score, this film did well with the audience. Especially from the appearance of the promising leads. The film was directed by Castille Landon with a screenplay written by Sharon Soboil. The two of them will also work together in the sequel to “After We Fell”. However, we will keep you updated on the After We Fell release date so please stay tuned for Otakukart.

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