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Spring marks a new beginning full of happiness and charisma. A season that signifies happiness and joyful experiences, how can we forget to tell you about a film that truly depicts Spring – the season of rebirth. With that just around the corner, Netflix has come up with a new music project entitled Another week.

Directed by Roman White, Another week just released her official footage on YouTube, and fans are already drooling over the sweet plot it carries during her stretches. A story that describes healing from your past wounds and welcoming the new adventures life has available to you. A story about growing out of pain and finding solace in the things that keep their hands open to you. A story about cleaning the opaque lenses of suffering and seeing the world through the clear glass of happiness.

A picture from the trailer

As the trailer begins, we are introduced to the male protagonist of the story, Will Hawkins. He was probably an orphan who was cared for and required to attend a Christian summer camp, which of course he had absolutely no interest in attending. Maybe will give up on life, because he has suffered a lot in his past past. He no longer finds the need to open himself up to the things that might fix him. She really hated it when people tried to be her savior. Maybe she got used to her life now, or maybe she had lost all hope of making it better.

When he took the bus to Summer camp, we saw him disappointed, because he didn’t know it was Church camp. But her friend felt that a week away from life would usually be a happy element for them. The students reach the campsite, and while everyone else is excited, Will grows frustrated at everything he sees there. He came face to face with the camp organizer, who owned the place, and looked at his T-shirt Aweegaway is being printed on it. Will the mistake become his name and ask the story behind it, which the man tells him it signals it A another week. He felt that every now and then, someone was fair another week of experiences that might change everything for them. And we see it’s true. Will sees Avery, the camper and the daughter of the campsite owner, and falls in love with her.

Bailee Madison

A glimpse of herself, Will knew that she was no ordinary girl. Because her father is so optimistic and outgoing, she is also your cheerful girl who lives life to the fullest. She sees him dancing and singing with the students and realizes he needs to pretend that something he doesn’t fit in. We see Will doing water sports and getting rid of all the burdens, which have flattened his life and happiness. But as the film progresses, we see her pretense turn into reality, where she finds out what she really likes. With his closeness to Avery, he realized his love for singing. A sweet little romantic story begins to develop between the two protagonists as they roam around the place. They got to know each other, and at first, Will felt like Avery really was perfect, but he denied it. She opens up to him and tells her that he’s trying to be someone, what everyone hopes for, and a lot of times, it gets tiring for him. Will felt a connection to whatever he was saying, because he was tired of pretending to be okay too.

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The two of them go places, dancing and having fun, and Will accepts the fact that it’s been a long time since he felt as connected to someone as he did with him. But in the end, their connection loses its route, when Will leaves. When asked about Will, Will’s friend opened up to Avery and made him realize that Will was not what he said or showed. His absence and pretense starts to bother him because he knows what it takes to carry yourself as a person, you don’t. He went looking for it and finally found it. In a statement of utter despair, she burst out at him. He wanted to know why he chose to run away, without even telling him the real reason. Accustomed to carrying the burdens of his life, Will found it difficult to provide practical answers. She replies that she doesn’t know anything about him, and that she doesn’t need him to fix it. He says that he has no intention of fixing it, instead he just wants to be his friend. To be precise, he wanted her to be his friend.

As the film progresses, we see the protagonists emerge from all the emotional dilemmas that are hanging them. Will immediately realized his feelings for Avery and what he really meant. He also discovered his passion for singing and dancing with his friends. We see the dark frames of the film switch back to the soft colors of happiness and joy. Will is told that whatever he does is sure to make his parents proud, and it acts as a statement of motivation for him. We watched him rise, from all the chains he made himself. He is now truly in the open world and appreciates happiness. She sang with all her heart, in front of a large audience, with her love energizing her in the audience.

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Another week of his miserable life helping him find a new way of life. While fate separates him from his real family, life helps him find a new one, where he finds a father figure, a true friend, a girl who awakens his heart, and many friends in one place. You know, it’s not always been about blood relations. On the other hand, there are times when the world offers a relationship that holds you back, forever. Will, who lost everything at such a young age, finds the people who love him, in the most unlikely of places. She finally found solace in her life and finally found her home. With love, even withered flowers can bloom again. With love, even poor people can come back to life.

Kevin Quinn

Talking about the film’s story ready to be told, Writer Alan Powell, who wrote the screenplay for the film, said that the team had made the film out of pure love. They have designed it to entertain audiences while depicting a story that explores the universal themes of family, friendship and acceptance. While the ongoing pandemic has created physical distance between people and families, they feel it is the right time, to spread the story to the audience. And they believe, there can be no better partner than Netflix on earth, for them to help and share this message throughout the world.

The cast

As we already know, Netflix has a huge target audience for original films that will premiere this year. With a numeric figure of around 70, we can see at least one new film coming out every week. The volume of content actually increases and becomes invincible. But it’s not about quantity, it’s quantity. However, Netflix It doesn’t usually disappoint us with the type of content it provides, and it does seem quite promising. Looking at the trailer, we felt that it would be a simple and sweet story, without any unnecessary flavor added to it. So be prepared to glue yourself in front of your screen this spring, for Another week is ready to appear on your screen.

Starring Bailee Madison, Kevin Quinn, Goria Cunningham, Jahbril Cook, Kat Conner Sterling, Iain Tucker, and Sherri Shepherd, the film is ready to make its debut on the online streaming platform. Netflix and will be available to viewers on March 26, 2021.


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