A Quiet Place Part II Ending Explained: Is There Hope For Humanity? (Article ready)

A Quiet Place Part II is a direct sequel to the 2018 film Quiet Place. Written and Directed by John Krasinski, the story is set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with aliens, which have wiped out most of humanity. So we follow the Abbott family, who are forced to navigate and survive through all of this while trying to avoid a blind monster with a keen sense of hearing. Luckily for the family, they know to speak sign language as their daughter Regan happens to be deaf. The first film in the franchise saw critical success at the box office. Therefore, a sequel will soon be made starting in August 2018. And soon, in February 2019, Krasinski was hired to direct the sequel with filming starting in the same year in June, until September. Now, let’s explain Ending A Quiet Place Part II.

At the end of the final film, Regan realizes that the high-pitched sound his hearing aid is making is disturbing the aliens. So, when he and his brother, Marcus, escape using it, his father, Lee, is attacked by a creature that manages to injure him. Seeing this, Marcus tried to distract the creature by shooting impulsively. This did work, but to the children’s dismay, their father had other ideas. In sign language, Lee tells Regan that he loves her and screams for the creature to attack him. After this, the children were reunited with their mother, Evelyn, who had just had a baby. Regan, knowing the effect his hearing aid had on the creatures, placed it near a nearby microphone. Utilizing this knowledge, the family knocks down incoming creatures as they shoot them into their exposed flesh.

What Happens in a Quiet Place Part II?

At the beginning of the film, we see a flashback to the events of the first film. Here, we see the Abbott family attending their son Marcus’ baseball game. In the middle of the game, a flaming object in the sky is seen descending towards Earth. Seeing this, the family as well as other onlookers, fled the baseball park as soon as the city was infested by aliens. Aliens who are basically blind but manage to get past their keen sense of hearing. And now, nearly 18 months after it happened, Regan has finally found a way to fight back. While, moments ago, his father, Lee had died trying to protect his children, now is the time for them to take the lead.

We continue straight from the end of the previous film where Evelyn, Regan, and Marcus defeat an incoming monster by playing a high-frequency note. Aliens are prone to disorientation when they hear them, where they expose their flesh to an unprotected head. Shooting at that weak point was enough to kill the creature.

Emmett, Lee’s Old Friend

After doing so on a wave of creatures approaching their isolated home, Evelyn, Regan, Marcus, and the new baby set out in search of another human community. During this time, they carried portable guitar amps and microphones, to fend off the dangers that came their way. On their way, they approached a house. Here, Marcus is caught in a bear trap, his leg badly injured. That’s when they found Lee’s former friend, Emmett. He hesitates to help the family when he gets Marcus out of the bear trap. After this, Emmett took the Abbotts to his bunker.

Regan’s Mission

While in Emmett’s bunker, Marcus and Regan discover that a song, “Beyond the Sea”, is playing over and over. When asking Emmett the same thing, he said it was nothing. But Regan deduces the origin of the frequency to be a radio tower on a nearby island. Regan then comes with a mission for himself as he aims to go to the radio tower and transmit high frequency sound to anyone who is tuned into the radio channel. By doing so, he hopes to spread a glimmer of hope where humans realize that they can finally fight back for their survival. Marcus, who was badly injured couldn’t go with him, so he begged him not to go. But like it or not, Regan chose to venture to the Radio Tower.

Regan on his way to the Radio Tower.

Later when Evelyn discovered that Regan had gone to the island, she begged Emmett to go after him. So, reluctantly, Emmett chased after Regan and finally managed to find him. But instead of bringing him back to his place, Emmett heard of Regan’s plans and decided to join him. Now, Emmett and Regan embarked on their new mission to the island, the first stop being the pier. Here, they are attacked by humans who have gone wild from time to time. So, when Regan hides by diving into the Marines, Emmett makes a sound to ambush humans by attracting nearby creatures. Here, one of the creatures even drowned trying to follow Emmett into the water. Shortly thereafter, Regan secures a boat, where they manage to escape to the island to find a colony of people.

Evelyn, Marcus and Baby

Back in Emmett’s bunker, Marcus and the newborn are left alone by Evelyn as she goes to collect some medical supplies. During this trip, he has a touching moment in the place where Lee died. She even left her ring in front of her photo. Meanwhile, Marcus leaves the bunker as he heads out to explore the area. But in the harem, he finds the corpse of Emmett’s wife which surprises him. Due to this, he bumped into several things causing enough noise that several nearby creatures headed towards Marcus. So now, Marcus and the baby are trapped in an airtight bunker as oxygen levels start to run low. They couldn’t get out because the creature was there waiting for them to appear. Shortly after, Evelyn made it back to the bunker, where she managed to save her children from collapsing.

Evelyn, Regan, Marcus, Honey

Evelyn said goodbye to her husband, Lee.

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What Happens at the End of ‘A Quiet Place’ Part II?

Back on the island, Regan and Emmett learn that the people have lived normal lives. As soon as National Security learned that aliens couldn’t swim, they brought as many people as they could to the island. Meanwhile, the aliens who returned to the shore managed to come to the island due to a drifting boat. These aliens manage to kill the humans on the island while Regan and Emmett head for the Radio Tower. This creature following the two even managed to slice Emmett’s leg with its claws. But luckily, Regan was able to play high-pitched sound through the radio station’s speakers. This weakened the creature as it exposed its flesh. This left Regan with enough room to stab him with a pole.

Elsewhere, Marcus, tuned to the frequency, picks up the signal. He then used the signal to play it on a portable radio. It has a critter weekend as it is left vulnerable. At that time, Marcus managed to save the mother and baby by shooting him in the head. Before long, more creatures are heading their way, but when Regan keeps the microphone behind the island, Evelyn and Marcus are able to fight off the oncoming creatures.

A Quiet Place Part II Ending Explained: Is There Hope For Humanity?

Evelyn with her baby Regan and Marcus wandering outside.

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A Quiet Place Part II Ending Explained

A Quiet Place Part II Ending finally shows us how the lead role reign has been taken from Lee and Evelyn. Now, the story focuses more on their children, Regan and Marcus. Unlike the previous film where Marcus and Regan had to be rescued by Lee, the children saved the adults around them. This shows what influence their father had on them. What’s more, humanity has now recognized the creature’s two weaknesses, water and high-pitched noise. This provides a glimmer of hope as we look forward to the third film in the franchise. The film gradually develops over time as they now have to go away from their original home. Besides, if they wanted to fight the creature, they needed help. This creates the possibility for new characters to appear in a possible A Quiet Place Part III.

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