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A Love so Beautiful is a South Korean drama released in 2020. It is a slow romantic drama. Is a remake of the Chinese series A Love so Beautiful which was released in 2017 adapted into the Korean version. Both dramas are based on the novel To Our Pure Little Beauty by Zhao Qianqian. Drama available on Netflix. This is an original Netflix series. The series is also available on Dramacool, telegram. Unfortunately, it is not available on Viu or Viki. As a genuine Netflix series, it may not be available on one of these platforms any time soon.

The series rating is quite average. MyDramaList gave it a rating of 7.8 while IMDb gave it a rating of 7.2 winches which is definitely okay. The genre of this series is romantic and adult comedy. This series comes with a total of 24 episodes, namely 23 + 1 special episodes. Episode duration varies, usually up to 25 minutes. Overall the series only has one season and no other season is expected to come.

A Love so Beautiful – Star cast

This drama stars Kim Yo Han as (Cha Heon), So Ju Yeon as (Shin Sol Yi), and Yeo Hoe Hyun as (Woo Dae Sung). This is the main character for the series as it revolves around the lives of three people. Other actors in the series are Jo Hye Joo as (Kang Ha Young), Jung Jin Hwan as (Jung Jin Hwan), Jo Seung Yeon as (Cha Heon’s mother), Kim Sung Gon as (Mr. Cho), Yang Yoo Jin as (Seo Ji Soo’s friend Cha Heon), and Park Ji Won as (Oh Hee Ji). They all play supportive roles in the series and are quite important to the plot. There are also other supporting actors who help shape the plot.

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Such beautiful love is a story at Chun Ji Middle School that tells the story of the cheerful and cheerful 17-year-old Shin Sol Yi. He really likes his classmate / neighbor Cha Heon who is smart. Cha Heon is a bit cold and unimpressive. She is a person you can mark as beauty with brains. Woo De Sung is a handsome boy with an athletic soul. She is a national level swimmer and falls in love with Shin Sol Yi. He never expressed his feelings for her and quietly stayed by his side. There is a love triangle between the three. In the plot, you have to see who Sol Yi ends up choosing. Overall it’s a romantic series with a few ups and downs.


A Love so Beautiful -Plot

Such a beautiful love plot revolves around Cha Heon and Shin Sol Yi. The drama starts with So Yi standing in front of her school and getting flashbacks of when she was 17 years old. They had studied together from elementary school and ended up at the same middle school, Chun Ji Middle School. Sol Yi has really liked Heon since his elementary days and he’s been open about her feelings ever since. Heon was cold towards her and never accepted her feelings since elementary school. Ending up in the same high school, Sol Yi’s hopes are high because she can spend more time with Heon. Jung Jin Hwan is Sol Yi’s best friend who is always there to support him.

Sol Yi tries to express her feelings to Heon in various ways, one of which is a love letter. She writes letters with Jin Hwan’s help and tries to study them. While he was studying the letter, he met Woo Dae Sung who saw him practice and study the letter. She fell in love with cuteness the moment she saw it. She stayed by his side calling him a brother. After the meeting, Sol Yi and Jung Jin Hwan have an argument with their seniors. In order to save them from fighting, Kang Ha Young took a step and argued with his seniors about love letters. When the seniors were about to make this fight, Dae Sung intervened and saved them. They run to their respective classes and at that moment Jin Hwan falls in love with Ha Young.

After this, the students are humiliated by the senior teacher in order to save Sol Yi from the humiliation Heon tries to interfere with in this matter. This leads to the beginnings of Heon’s 5-person friends, Sol Yi, Dae Sung, Ha Young, and Jin Hwan. Friendship begins when they enjoy karaoke together. Friendship grows stronger, the group stays together. Meanwhile, Heon’s father has a memorial service that his mother can’t attend. This made Heon sad and frustrated and he went to sleep. Sol Yi arrives with the bottle her mother gave her and finds him sick and taking care of him all night. An incident occurred when everything was going according to purpose. Sol Yi represents the class president election. He bonds with another girl, the deal breaker for the vote is Heon.

Plot continuation

Heon chooses another girl over Sol Yi which makes him disappointed. Heon’s birthday is right around the corner. Sol Yi wants to give him something but due to lack of money, he can’t do it. He heard about the race and participated in it. Heon and Dae Sung help him in the race. Dae Sung even wore a teddy costume and ran with him in races. They also help Ha Young escape so she can meet her father. There are times when the class forms a group to play a role in a drama. They had been practicing for the play and decided to recruit Heon.

Sol Yi and Dae Sung rehearse for their roles as Dae Sung accepts how happy he is to come to this school. During the festival, Ha-Young ends up falling in love while mixing occurs during the show. Sol Yi is upset and wants to quit. Everyone try to cheer him up but all in vain. Sol Yi decides to move to a new school. This made Heon uncomfortable and he asked him not to change schools. They all start a new school year and end up in the same class as well. Jin-Hwan decides to participate in a song competition and he passes the audition. All of them made a trip to call back and comfort him.

They all decide to go out at night. They play a game where everyone is supposed to write secrets. Sol YI is shocked when she finds out that someone has a crush on her from the same group. They all pass out and start a fresher male year. Sol Yi plans a grant proposal for Heon, but there is a misunderstanding when Hun Ji comes to replace Heon. Ha, young finds Hue Ji passed out and stole from the nurse’s office. At the same time, Jin Hwan finds out that Ha Young has a crush on someone else which worsens his heart condition. When everyone chooses their college Sol Yi realizes that Heon will go far from Yim to study.

Heon has several other plans for life that are different from what his mother planned for Yim. Dae Sung’s grandmother misses that when she realizes what she wants to put first. It was at that time that Dae Sung finally decided not to like Sol Yi. Heon and Sol Yi started dating when they realized Heon was going to the US for further studies. This saddens Sol Yi and she decides to end it. Heon went to the state to continue his medical studies while Sol YI became a cartoon novelist. He wrote a book called A Love So Beautiful. After 3 years of separation, Sol Yi and Heon meet, and when Heon realizes that he is nothing without Sol Yi and ends up together on a sweet note.

So beautiful love review 1

Final verdict

A Love So Beautiful is a Korean version of the Chinese drama with the same tile. The plot at all. If you’ve watched the Chinese version, you can definitely remember this version too. Simple sweet romantic drama. There is a typical love triangle as well as a story that is too basic. If you want to watch slow and relaxing dramas then this is definitely something you can watch. Compared to the Chinese version, this version is a bit bland. The plot is fine, the depiction of the love triangle isn’t that serious or intense, it ends on a sweet note but one thing that takes a back seat is the acting.

His acting is quite straight forward which can be seen clearly throughout the drama. The emotion to be conveyed is lost in some way or another which is certainly not a good sign. The romantic scene looks artificial and you can see it. If the cast is a little more professional with their acting, this could be a sensational sweet drama because the plot is good and not too disappointing.

Overall, if you want to enjoy a sweet simple Korean drama with a good love story and some love triangle plots, you can definitely watch it once you won’t regret watching parties either.

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