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In recent years, there haven’t been enough films that focus on children and this year we have a new film – A Dog Named Palma. This film is an upcoming Russian children’s adventure film directed by Aleksandr Domogarov Jr. The only film may be limited to children and the adventures associated with it, the creators have not released most of the details of the film. because this is not a mainstream film that will be shown in Hollywood theaters but a Russian film.

A Dog Named Palma it is said that it is the story of a child who goes through all the adventures in life with a living being that may be his pet named Palma. Russian films are now seeing how it will be received by audiences. These children’s adventure films have a unique fan base, although it seems that the audience of these films is only limited to children but not like adults or adults who like to watch these films. Recently, a Tom & Jerry film was also released which has now received great reviews and appreciation from critics as well as from the audience.

Preview: Russian film A Dog Named Palma

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Cast & Plot Details

The film features some of the best Russian actors such as Viktor Dobronravov as Vyacheslav Lazarev, who plays the airplane pilot in the film, Leonid Basov as Kolya Lazarev, Liliya (sheepdog) as Palma, Igor Khripunov as Evgeny Golikov, who heads the security service, Vladimir Illyin as Tikhonov, as airport technician, Valeria Fedrovich as Nina, Yevgeniya Dmitrieva as Lyubov Zhurina as head of the light squad, Pavel Maykov as Georgy Krasilov, Yan Tsapnik as Igor Polsky, Vladimir Simonov as Ivan Lysko, Filipp Savinkov as Kravchenko as flight attendant, Bain Bovaldinov as Fedya, Darya Luzina as Anna, and Elena Anisimova as Raisa.

When, you have lost someone in your life, apart from just adding another person to your life completely changing our lives, the story of this film – A Dog Named Palma is also like this. The story of a dog named Palma, who hid at the airport right after her owner flew out of the country. At the same time, the dog found a boy named Kolya, who had just lost his mother. Because these two people, the boy and the dog, met each other, they became good friends. With one person’s deduction from life and the addition of another makes a big difference, it would be better to see what happened in these two people’s association. Even though we think of pets not as humans just because we can’t communicate but it’s not like that we can share emotions between them and of course they can feel it and this film- A Dog Named Palma definitely shows off the bond between a boy and his pet dog .

A Dog Named Palma – Release Date

The film will hit theaters on March 18, 2021, and it must be mentioned that this film is in Russian and the above release date of the film is in Russia. A Dog Named Palma was written by Yekaterina Mavromatis, Aleksandr Domogarov Jr. who also directed the film and Yevgeny Kazachkov. It is said that the film was postponed partly due to very obvious reasons for the restrictions due to the pandemic and now that after analyzing all the circumstances, the final release date of the film- A Dog Named Palma is scheduled for March 18, 2021. It is said that the film is set in the themes of the 70s and also mostly shooting was done on the premise of an airport, it took a huge effort for the film crew to put back the feel of the 70s due to the current scenario. the airport didn’t match up to anything in the 70s.

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