A Brief History of Steve-O and Stacey Solomon’s Relationship


Steve O and Stacey have been dating for a long time. But before we dive into their relationship, let’s talk about the individual first. Stacey Solomon recently announced the news of her fourth child in June 2021. And this month, she shared with her fans that they are expecting a baby girl this time. Having had four sons at home, this definitely came as a great addition to their family. Stacey shared a photo of her baby bump sitting with fiancé Joe on Instagram. The next slide shows their son holding a sign that reads, “What is a sister? Baby sister will come soon. The family is sharing their immense joy at this new addition to the family. However, due to her pregnancy, Stacey had to postpone her wedding plans with Joe. It has moved to next year for now.

Steve-O still does his wild and senseless antics. And not surprisingly, he found himself in trouble again. The star of the Jackass franchise is widely known for his outlandish stunts. In the upcoming 2021 installment, which will start in October, an action is canceled by the director. The stunt was about shooting dog shit in the face with a t-shirt cannon. After the refusal, Steve takes over himself to finish the stunt. He bought a t-shirt and finished the stunt. And in the process, his eardrum ruptured. A visit to the ER made him realize the folly of the stunt, and he acknowledged it on his Twitter page. Needless to say, this wasn’t her first time in the emergency room and definitely won’t be the last.

Steve O Action

Steve-O, paralyzed from the waist down for Jackass 4 (Source: GETTY)

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About Stacey Solomon

Chanelle Clare Solomon was born on October 4, 1989, in Dagenham, England. His parents divorced when he was only nine years old. Solomon’s singing career started with the 2009 season of X-Factor. He progressed to the top 12 final contestants and received professional guidance after that. His first official cover was Coldplay’s The Scientist. It received positive reviews and started his music career. He went on to perform a number of covers, including Michael Jackson’s You Are Not Alone. After that, he toured with fellow finalists from X-Factor. He finally returned to the show in 2010 and presented it. Stacey plans to release her debut album in 2011. However, due to some issues, the date has been pushed back. Finally, in 2015 he released his album titled Shy. The title of the song is also titled Shy. The following year he released his second single from the album entitled My Big Mistake.


Stacey while filming for Palmolive (Source: Twitter)

Stacey has also had a great career in the television industry. She participated in 10th I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. There, she earned the title ‘Queen of the Jungle’ and won it. He also performed 2017 and 2011 X-Factor Sing If You Can. In 2016, she began working as a guest panelist on the show Loose Women. Later, he got a regular place as a panelist. Stacey has appeared on the shows Mad Mad World, Love Island, and The Crystal Maze. She has two children from a previous relationship and one with her current fiancé, Joe Swash. The couple are now expecting their next child. Stacey is also the stepmother to Joe’s son from a previous relationship.

Stacey and Son

Stacey with her 3 sons (Source: Getty)

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Steve O and Stacey: Are They Dating?

As weird as it sounds, Steve O and Stacey was a thing of a few years ago. True, their nature and profession do not harmonize in any way. They are completely opposite to each other. But everyone thought this might be the reason for them to have a lasting relationship. The couple met at the winter sporting event The Jump in February 2015. They started dating almost instantly. Fans were also intrigued by this very random couple idea and sent it completely. However, this fan-favorite pair only lasted six months. In July 2015, they confirmed their separation. And the reason is the distance between them. At the time, Stacey was in Essex and Steve was in LA. The couple found it difficult to continue this great distance and decided to put it off. Stacey is totally disappointed by this, and so are the fans.

Stacey and Steve O

(Source: GETTY)

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