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Episode 9 of season 8 of 90 Day Fiance is especially interesting because it looks like it has taken the game to another level. Parents who try to control their children, who are now adults, cannot face their parents at the same time. The conflict has taken another level between the pair. Meanwhile, the game also features couples who have high chemistry and can overcome the difficulties they have to go through. Episode 10 will air on February 7, 2021, regularly on TLC. But thanks to the Superbowl LV. 90 it must be postponed.

Release Date 90 Day Fiance Season 8 Episode 10

People who enjoy the game are disappointed by this. 90 Day Fiance 8 episode 10 will now be released on February 14, 2021, which is Valentine’s Day. The tenth episode will cover all the couples with their daily struggles. Mike and Natalie will try to get treatment together. Meanwhile Tarikh and Hazel were worried about Harrey. The real problem lies with Rebecca, who is jealous of Zied, who gets the attention of many women. Ryan was annoyed by Stephanie, who clung to what the witch had predicted and worried about. This is just a small preview that will be available in the tent section. The episode will introduce a lot of drama and smiles to the audience.

Here, we repeat the previous episode.

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90 Day Fiance Season 8 Episode 10

90 Day Fiance Season 8 Episode 10

Brandon also went out with his parents to tell them that Julia was fed up on the farm. “Try not to focus on stupid choices,” his father warned. Brandon played the character and told his mother Betty that her commitment difficulties were part of her fault process. Apparently, Betty started crying uncontrollably and asked Brandon to check her out again.

“I need to get a little girl instead of losing my baby. It’s not a joke, ”he said. “That way made you choose between us and him … It really disappointed me.” It is an emotional time for everyone. Betty deals with Brandon and recommends that he and Julia share the same room in their home. Brandon then informs Julia of the news and assures her that he will no longer be helping with the house by the same sign. “We tried for a short time,” he said.

Yara announces that she is pregnant with Jovi, and her response is… how can we say this? Extraordinary. You believe you are confused – or worse, you are lying. “I can’t think of anything better than to have the choice to believe it. I confide in her, I do it honestly, but it’s hard for me to accept that you came to America unexpectedly pregnant, “she insisted. After testing the computer, did you receive what they expected? Jovi apologizes, and the nanny will have to continue their bad path until they become adults. They promise to try to be “100% ready” when the baby is born.

Other unworthy partners, as seemingly lovable partners, deny how much they love each other. After the departure of Mike’s mother (and Natalie’s new partner) Trish, Natalie’s fears had returned. She asks for a higher plan to spend their wedding money anywhere, prompting Mike that he can afford the Coca Cola guest fees, which are quite absurd. This is not a very healthy requirement if a relationship is designed to last.

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What happened next?

For Natalie, Mike has been devoted to shutting down since Trish’s departure, and Natalie is obliged to study for their own prenuptial. It turned out that Mike put off planning because he wasn’t sure Natalie was his. “One time he loves me, another time he doesn’t serve me. I’m actually trying to solve it, “he admits in front of the camera. “This is really troublesome.”

On some odd occasions, Stephanie and Ryan never slept the first night together. “You cried with your arms, your stomach,” recalls Stephanie, ready to rumble the next day.

“Even if you beat me for a few minutes, it’s about being caught now,” he said. “I haven’t seen him in ten months, so I won’t see a problem right away and come out… I didn’t expect a big show of magic.

It looks like the only bond that existed here was the loss of the show after Stephanie finally admitted that she had sex with Ryan’s cousin Harris. She cried as Ryan sat there unconscious. Stephanie chides him for not thinking enough about it and remembers that Ryan immediately forgave him, saying that Harris was “dead to him.”

Andrew is still at a hotel in Mexico. To Amira, her departure seemed endless, like the terrible pressure of being imprisoned for three days. Andrew recommends that Amira try going again, this time to Serbia. “I don’t know what a safe country is,” asked Amira. Ideally, you should stay at home. Andrew must really try to understand!

Zied continues to live in the US. He met former independent technical partner Rebecca, who gave Zied the harsh criticism he needed. From being curious about Zied’s intentions to talking about why he treats America as “a journey,” this battle brought Rebecca and Zied to tears.

The Virginia Beach couple is battling the COVID-19 lockdown. “Everything we have prepared for our 90 day visit has been hacked,” said Tarik briefly. Finally, creation continues, and they can continue their search for lovers on dating apps. Instead of confessing, Hazel was open about her impartiality, talked about the anger of her people, and shared her direction. Tarik, however, is very concerned about desire in their relationship.

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