8 Telugu and Hindi films that fell at the box office but went on to gain cult status

Cult films are highly celebrated by the masses. This is the same film that crashed at the box office. For several reasons, these films were not able to attract the masses to the cinema. Most of the films that initially received a bad response, grew in audiences over time. Years later only one question remains unanswered, Why did it fail at the box office? The increasing popularity of content on OTT platforms has fortunately helped content reach a larger audience. Reach a larger audience in a cost-effective and accessible way. In a few clicks, good movies are available at the comfort of your home. We listed 8 cult films in Hindi and Telugu that failed at the box office, only then to be celebrated for their mature age and effective storylines.

List of 8 Telugu and Hindi films that were successful at the box office but went on to gain cult status:

#1 Orange

Orange is a 2010 film starring Ram Charan and Genelia in the lead roles. The rom-com drama directed by Bhaskar, during its release, had very average reviews along with poor performance at the box office. However, his music is highly acclaimed. It was only after a few years that people began to realize the relevance of the story. The name of the film was given because oranges have an important role in it.

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#2 Khaleja

Khaleja is a 2010 film starring Mahesh Babu and Anushka Shetty. Directed by Trivikram Srinivas, this film tells the story of an ordinary man, who lands in a poor village only to find his life turned upside down. The film’s music by Mani Sharma is uplifting.

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#3 1: Nenuokkadine

The list of Telugu cult movies is not complete without this gem. 1: Nenuokkadine, is a 2014 action thriller film. It stars Mahesh Babu and Kirti Sanon in the lead roles. This film is about a famous rockstar who is on the run to avenge the murder of his parents. But he’s dealing with schizophrenia. The rather interesting plot failed to please the audience on its initial release. Devi Sri Prasad’s powerful music adds the masala the film needs. Fun Facts- Naveen Polishetty also starred in the film in a side role.

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#4 Dil Se

Mani Ratnam’s 1998 gem Dil Se, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Manish Koirala, as Preeti Zinta makes her debut in a side appearance. Written by Mani Ratnam and Tigmanshu Dhulia, the film is considered a parallel cinema or different from the mainstream. The film was also screened at different International Film Festivals, where it received some acclaim.

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#5 Tamasha

Tamasha Imtiaz Ali performed averagely at the box office and received poor reviews from critics. This film follows a non-linear scenario that is not mainstream in 2015. 5 years later this film is highly appreciated by the audience. It took time for the film to grow and portray what it really wanted.

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#6 Arya 2

Sukumar’s sequel to the hit Aryan, starring Allu Arjun and Kajal Agarwal failed to impress at the box office. Originally released in 2009, Devi Sri Prasad’s songs from the film are still a hit among the masses. The film came to be known for its unique storyline.

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#7 Andaz Apna Apna

The 1994 multi-star film was a flop, only until it was released on television screens did it get fame. This romantic comedy film stars Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Raveena Tandon, and Karishma Kapoor in the main roles. Some funny scenes from the film, are still funny memes.

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#8 Hi Rama

When it comes to cult Hindi films, Hey Ram takes the cake. Written-directed and starring the legendary Kamal Hassan, Hey Ram is an alternative historical drama. The film also stars Rani Mukherjee and Shah Rukh Khan in the lead roles. The film was screened at the Indian International Film Festival and was nominated as an official selection for the 2000 Oscars.

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