5 Korean historical web series you should watch on Netflix

While we live in a concrete jungle, return to the lush greens and sculpted buildings of historic times honoring the weekend. A drama with its people, a historical narrative that incorporates the gods of the land, worships kings and provides enriching historical information adds to the genre of historians. While this Korean web series won’t be your usual intense romantic Korean drama, it will make a decent family party spectacle.

While there are several historical Korean dramas from the 2000s, a decent list should include those that can be watched or revisited on OTT platforms. In an effort to bring together some of the most noteworthy historical K-dramas, here are 5 Korean web series you should watch on Netflix.

#1. 100 Days My Prince

100 Days My Prince is a 2018 Korean web series which is the tenth highest-rated Korean web series in history. This five-part web series revolves around a king’s nephew who is interested in playing rather than studying. Not under ordinary circumstances, the king’s nephew played with the royal peasants. The series becomes tense when the nephew beats another child and the farmer’s children can’t do anything because of the status he holds. While this leads to the rest of the plot, the series gets interesting as it advances quickly 16 years after the events.

#2. Haechi

Haechi is a 2019 Korean dynasty period web series. The two-part script was originally read at the 2018 SBS Ilsan production studio in Goyang. The plot of the series follows four people from different walks of life who resolve and help to claim the throne to the rightful heirs. While the series was nominated for several awards, it won the SBS Awards for Best Character Award, Actor. The Haechi series is also one of the four works by Kim Jong-Hak Productions.

#3. Love under the moonlight

Love in the Moonlight is an 18-episode television web series based on the novel Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. The series is an upcoming teen romance story set in the 19th century. The series is a depiction of a boy’s growth into a revered king and his unlikely relationship with his followers. Production, performance, and music received a peak audience rating of 23.3%. Love in the Moonlight received Best Drama Series at the 22nd Asian Television Awards along with six nominations.

#4. Kingdom

Kingdom is a political period historian drama adapted from the webcomic series The Kingdom of the Gods. It is the first South Korean original web series from Netflix. The plot is set in the post-war Unpo Wetlands, where 500 Koreans defeat 30,000 Japanese. The web series consists of two seasons of 6 episodes each. Under sad circumstances, the series began with a tragedy. The first episode of the series begins to unravel with the death of the king, with no heir to the throne. This is one of the best Korean web series to watch on Netflix.

#5. Hwarang: Youth Warrior Poet

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth is a 10-part web series based on the Kingdom of Silla. The plot revolves around several young men who find their passion, friendship and love for the kingdom. Not only are some of the people in the series from the elite class, but the series is also witnessing a star-studded cast. The show garnered many awards and several nominations. This series narrates the concept of a bone ranking system that is even in effect today. Relevance and the test of time this series has seen, it is among the famous web series of Korean historians.

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